Demo policy

We listen to demos, and several acts on Ad Noiseam were noticed because they sent one. However, there are several things to take into account before sending one:

1. first and foremost:
do not send mp3s, links to mp3s, or links to MySpace (& co) sites
. If you expect Ad Noiseam to work with you on a release, we can expect you to do the effort to actually burn a CDR and put it in the mail.

please make sure that your music fits (at least remotely) what Ad Noiseam is about
. While Ad Noiseam is not a "niche" label, there are some sorts of music that will not (or could not) be released on the label. Don't waste both your and our time by sending something that could not be considered seriously.

do not send more material than needed
. With a demo, you want to showcase your best material and give a taste of what you can do. Sending too much material is a waste of time, and exposes you to more criticism. The same thing goes with biographies or photos.

The best demos go straight to the essential. If you want to send us something, here's a checklist:
  • send one CDR containing between 4 and 6 of your best tracks.
  • write (legibly) the name of the project and your email address on the CDR itself.
  • keep your biography to the minimum. We don't need any but, if you really want to send one, keep it to one paragraph.

4. While demos are listened to, we are not here to write all reviews of them. If you do not hear from Ad Noiseam about your demo, or if you get an email turning it down, please do not ask for pages and pages of feedback.

5. We can not answer to all demos. Some people get emails, some don't. By default, assume that your demo was turned down unless getting an email stating the contrary.

If you are not discouraged at this point, you are very welcome to send a demo (and you can be sure that it will be listened to).

The address to send it to is:
Ad Noiseam
Scharnweber Str 23
Büro Etage
D-10247 Berlin

6. Alternativaly, you can send us one or two tracks (not more) via Fairtilizer or Soundcloud dropboxes.
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