Ativ & Radial "Split" - adn10
ImageComing both out of the boiling New York City rhythmic noise scene, Ativ and Radial are two of the most promising acts that appeared with the rise of the Frozen Empire Media label. For their first release outside of this label, the complex electronica act Ativ and the ferocious and noisy Radial (already present on "Krach Test" with the track "Epithet") join forces on four tracks (two from each act, remixed by the other).
Alphonse De Montfroyd "Silence" - adn9
ImageFar from the actual silence, the 5 instrumental tracks on this 3" CDR are compact works with oscillations, drones and loops, staying atmospheric but with rich and interesting textures. Expect something fresh and obscure from a young but promising artist.
Tarmvred "Onomatopoeic" - adn8
ImageThis 3" CDR, limited to 75 copies, was released at the same time as Tarmvred's debut album, "Subfusc".
LS-TTL "43 hz (note: f1)" - adn7
ImageLS-TTL is both the name of the project and of a CD who gathered a lot of attention in 2000, taking this Californian musician to the front of the young dark ambient scene, along with Wilt.
Combat Astronomy "Lunik" - adn6
ImageCombat Astronomy. A strange name for an innovative project. At the border between harsh noise and experimentalism, James Huggett uses various sound sources, loops and distortion to create deep and complex tracks of ear blasting, cinematic noise.
Tarmvred "Subfusc" - adn4

Image"Subfusc", the first album by the rhythmic noise prodigy Tarmvred. Energy, speed, complexity, diversity. Here are the keywords of "Subfusc", an album that will surprise a lot of people set a new standard for the rhythmic noise genre, and definitely offer more than the usual release of this kind, somewhere between industrial rhythms and hard techno. Includes a remix by Converter.(Get this as mp3)

Wilt "Amidst A Spacious Fabric" - adn3
Image"Amidst a spacious fabric" is the third full length album by Wilt, the dark ambient american project that surprised the whole genre with his debut "The Black Box Aesthetics" in 2000. James Keeler, the man behind Wilt, creates encompassing atmospheres made of deep drones, slow soundscapes and a lot of variations, using original sound sources that bring something interesting to a style where blend electronics are too often prominant.(Get this as mp3)
Testset "Testset" - adn2

Image Five tracks written together by Skincage and Sickrobot, exploring drones, noises and uncommon frequencies. A rich and surprising encounter, full of scraping sounds and hypnotizing patterns

v/a "Krach Test" - adn1
Image  40 bands, 40 unreleased tracks. 3 CDRs, 3hours and 39 minutes of music. (Get this as mp3)

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