Tarmvred "Onomatopoeic" - adn8
ImageThis 3" CDR, limited to 75 copies, was released at the same time as Tarmvred's debut album, "Subfusc".
As "Subfusc", Tarmvred's first album is unleashed, it would be quite easy to put this act in acategories and styles. But "Onomatopoeic", a 3" CDR released along with the CD album, comes to prove that Tarmvred goes beyond distorted beats and harsh textures. With this smaller release, this swedish project dwells with female vocals, clear sounds and more classic patterns. Listen to the exclusive track "Onomatopoesi" or the remix by Sweden's Digidroid, and you will be very surprised. With "Onomatopoeic" approaches a more accessible sound, but keeps his very strong catchiness and unique feeling, that will make you play this disc on repeat.

Also featuring dark and drony reconstructions of the club tracks "E.C.W." and "Amfetakrom" by Aural Blasphemy and Any Future, "Onomatopoeic" is all about contrast, as well as it shows how rich and diverse Tarmvred' sound spectrum is. Here is a disc in which weird frequencies and noise are combined with olc school percussions, clear key lines and vocals. Tarmvred means going forward.

3" CDR
Release date:
Sep 27th, 2001

First run of 75 copies
Second run of 50 copies
Sold out

Tracklisting: 1. Onomatopoesi
2. E.c.w. remixed by Aural Blasphemy
3. Amfetakrom remixed by Any Future
4. Mourning remixed by Digidroid

Information:Tarmvred: www.tarmvred.net

mp3:E.c.w remixed by Aural Blasphemy

Mourning remixed by Digidroid

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