Ativ & Radial "Split" - adn10
ImageComing both out of the boiling New York City rhythmic noise scene, Ativ and Radial are two of the most promising acts that appeared with the rise of the Frozen Empire Media label. For their first release outside of this label, the complex electronica act Ativ and the ferocious and noisy Radial (already present on "Krach Test" with the track "Epithet") join forces on four tracks (two from each act, remixed by the other).
>Coming on a 3" CDR, this split release presents an avalanche of little details, of big beats, of crunchy noises and energetic rhyhtms. This is highly enthusiastic and fresh sounding rhythmic noise that will appeal to both fans of classic acts of the genre and to people looking for more fresh and innovative schemes. Ativ and Radial work their magic on track that ranges from club stomper to melodic atmospheres, mixing well their own styles. Introducing these acts before other releases on various labels, this split disc demonstrates how energetic and promising this New York projects can get.

Ativ and Radial
3" CDR
Release date:
Sept 27th, 2001

Limited to 100 copies
Sold out

Tracklisting:1. Radial: Angelic (remixed by Ativ)
2. Radial: Drape (remixed by Ativ)
3. Ativ: Ongaku (remixed by Radial)
4. Ativ: Format (remixed by Radial)

mp3:Radial: Drape (remixed by Ativ)

Ativ: Ongaku (remixed by Radial)
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