The Teknoist "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" - adn103
ImageHard, relentless, creative, monstrous, and still friendly: The Teknoist's first full length album is a storm of shattered pounding beats, anthemic riffs, and aggressive breaks. And still, it is also a humane and deep work that knows when to take the time to seduce its listener. Between the most insane moshpit and inventive melodies, here comes hurricane of yet uncharted magnitude. (Get this on CD / on 12" / as mp3).
We warned you that he would be back. Half a year after having invited The Teknoist to share a record with Eustachian on the successful "Pillaged & Plundered" 12", Ad Noiseam presents the mad man's first full length album, coming after several years worth of records for such labels as Deathchant, Planet Mu, Death$sucker, Peace Off or Cock Rock Disco.. And mind you, he hasn't used this time to slow down one bit.

A hurricane is a good metaphor for this album, in which Mike Hayward (a.k.a. The Teknoist) unleashes an hour long of his relentless broken rhythms, his pounding beats and his insidious melodies. A storm indeed, of destroyed drums and friendly melodies, of anthemic riffs and humane hooks, "... Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" is at the same time one of the most violent albums released on Ad Noiseam so far, and, deeper down, a more accessible, harmonious and soulful creation.

Make no mistake, this album is absolutely guaranteed plenty of moshing and raving. However, any careful listener will appreciate how The Teknoist isn't only about an all-out madness of beats and breaks, but also about much "friendlier" passages and harmonies (something in which he can be linked to label-mate Enduser).

At the confluent of breakcore, hardcore and something a lot more melodic, "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" might very well be "the" hard hitting, dancefloor-packing album of the moment. Watch out, The Teknoist is out and looking for brains.

The CD version of this album contains the tracks “No Suck Luck” and “Have You Seen”, originally released on “Pillaged & Plundered” (Ad Noiseam adn94) and “Richie's Breakcore Love Song”, origianlly released on “Drunk Drunken Drunkard” (Death$ucker Records D$R28). These tracks do not appear on the vinyl version.

The Teknoist
...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies

Release date:
October 2008

Release date:
November 2008

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Tracklisting (CD): 1. 32 days
2. Have You Seen
3. War Dog
4. Richie's Breakcore Lovesong
5. Full Metal Teknoist
6. Teef Smasher
7. Bass Ball Bat
8. No Such Luck
9. Lion Girl (album version)
10. Fighting Talks
11. Closing Up VIP

Tracklisting (2x12"): A1. 32 days
A2. Full Metal Teknoist
B1. Lion Girl (album version)
B2. War Dog
C1. Bass Ball Bat
C2. Teef Smasher
D1. Fighting Talks
D2. Closing Up VIP

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.
Artwork by Raoul Sinier.

Information:The Teknoist:

mp3:Full Metal Teknoist

32 Days (excerpt)

Closing Up VIP (excerpt)

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