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ImagePanacea, Needle Sharing and Tarmvred meet for an industrial / drum'n'bass / whatever mayhem. 9 tracks total, three by each artist, done in collaboration with the others. (Get this on CD).
There was one day an act from Germany that appeared with a breathtaking debut CD called "Low Profile Darkness" and became quickly the biggest name in violent drum'n'bass on Earth, producing four full lengths album for one of the genre's most reknown label worldwide (Position Chrome), as well as plenty of 12", singles, and side-projects (m², Kate Mosh, Rich Kid...). Panacea, the icon.

There was one day one guy, also from Germany, whose first 12" took everybody by surprise and became one of the most praised disc on Hands Productions, and whose complex and super-aggressive drum'n'bass album is currently kicking everybody's butt. Needle Sharing, the madman.

And there was one day a newcomer from Sweden, whose demo blasted my own personal ears so bad I just had to release his deep, violent and standard-setting first album ("Subfusc"), and whose future looks bright. Tarmvred, the challenger.

You have not been warned enough.

Panacea, Needle Sharing and Tarmvred
Panacea Shares Needles With Tarmvred
Release date:
Jan 8th, 2002

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Tracklisting: 1. Needle Sharing: Clicks Per Second
2. Panacea: Mothership
3. Tarmvred: Kanyl
4. Panacea: Faggot House
5. Needle Sharing: Rasta Bash
6. Tarmvred: Primitive Germanic
7. Needle Sharing: Nordic Rampage
8. Panacea: Kill The Processors
9. Tarmvred: Universalmedel

Sounds by Panacea used in 1,2,4,8 and 9. Sounds by Needle Sharing used in 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 8. Sounds by Tarmvred used in 2,3,4,6,7,8 and 9.


mp3: Needle Sharing: Clicks Per Second

Tarmvred: Kanyl (excerpt)

Panacea: Faggot House (excerpt)

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