Mago "Definition of raw moments..." - adn20
adn20tRecorded over two years in Sweden and Germany, “Definition of raw moments from a different perspective” is an album that indeed presents a different standpoint to industrial and electronic music, conjugating them in its own soulful fashion. What Mago defines here is a new shade of poetry made into warm and poignant music. (Get this on CD / as digital files).
Wilt "Radio 1940" - adn19
Image"Radio 1940" is Wilt's fourth album, and his most ambitious work to date. If the first three were experiments with a certain array of sounds and certain instruments, "Radio 1940" focuses on an atmosphere and a mood, all the possible sounds and means being use to recreate a precise concept. The nineteen tracks of this double CD were created as individual piece, under the influence of literature, architecture, design and history of the 1940's. Neither a political statement nor a cultural manifesto, this album is a dusty photo album of this period, transferred into sounds by one of today's masters of sonic experimentation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Cordell Klier "Apparitions" - adn18
ImageIs this the ghost of a beat you just heard? Are these voices you perceive between the precise glitches of the "Apparitions". Microscopic noises and dynamic clicks guide you through a tunnel of razor sharp walls. For "Apparitions" takes place indeed in a glasshouse of small glitches, clicks. All very carefully edited, and rendered in a very evocative art piece. Above the low floating frequencies constantly pop the remains of rhythms, "Apparitions" of a beautiful and abstract music. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Panacea Shares Needles With Tarmvred - adn11
ImagePanacea, Needle Sharing and Tarmvred meet for an industrial / drum'n'bass / whatever mayhem. 9 tracks total, three by each artist, done in collaboration with the others. (Get this on CD).
Bloodflowers "Torn At The Seems" - adn12
ImageWith his two other projects, Cage Decay and Kaltesglas (aka Weakener), Philadelphia's Kevin Potts has proved to possess an accute sense of rhythms and beats. With this third projet, he now demonstrates he's not only a dancefloor freak, but also an accomplished musician, that knows how to take the listener for a deep and atmospheric journey.
Somatic Responses "Dying Language" - adn13
Image"Dying language" is post-something, yes. But it is also in the middle of pure electronic jewelry. Finish your leek soup and learn a new language.(Get this as mp3)
Ammo / Szkieve "Terra Amata / Perturbacée" - adn14

ImageAd Noiseam goes vinyl with this split that bridges the Atlantic ocean and brings together two of the best acts one can think of, when it comes to production quality and originality in atmospheric music.

v/a "Subsnow 02-02" - adn15
ImageThe "Subsnow 02-02" CD compilation was released specially for the Tarmvred Subsnow 02-02 tour. This tour took place in Canada and the USA in February 2002. It contains a track by every band who performed during this tour.
Xenonics K-30 "Automated" - adn16
ImageXenonics K-30: sci-fi warfare meets up to date music in the form of collaboration between multi-talented Scott Sturgis (Converter) and Leech (Navicon Torture Technologies). (Get this on CD)
Magwheels "Evebuildingbomb" - adn17
ImageThe previous two very limited releases by Magwheels had already attracted a lot of interest to this David Sullivan, perceived by many as a composer to watch very carefully. With “Evebuildingbomb”, this project takes a step further towards the recognition that can’t but finally come, for Magwheels contains beauty, originality and depth; all things that music never should have forgotten, here in their most sincere and intense incarnation. (Get this on CD).

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