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ImageSomatic Responses come back to Ad Noiseam with an album in which they re-invent their sound and finally put on record their taste for fresh and warmer sounds. Bridging their talented production with dubstep and rethinking their music, the Healy brothers have slowed things down, added more weight to their tracks, and are ready to out-bass pretty much everybody else. Reformation, renewal and re-establishment indeed! (Get this on CD / as mp3)
It was time for a major change: 14 years after their first release, Somatic Responses decided to rethink their music and change their path radically. If their early productions were of the hardcore and techno kind, and while they later moved on to breakcore territories, Somatic Responses have now embraced more up-to-date and modern sounds, and tackled the current dubstep sound that has taken their native UK by storm.

While the heavy, gritty and very synthetic sound that has become a trademark of Somatic Responses is still to be heard on “Reformation”, John and Paul Healy have tamed the tempo and humanised their music on “Reformation”. Warmer, deeper, rounder (all things reflected by Nick Nenov's artwork), this new album show how these icons of the challenging electronic scene are still able to open their ears and tap fresh ideas from today's music sensbilities.

From the title track to the closing “Who's Stoppin Ya Killer”, “Reformation” is not only the fruit of breakcore musicians gone dubstep, but a lot more a display of how this new music genre can benefit from their experience and taste for hard-edged, raw productions. In this sense, this album is an accurate meeting point of influences, and something from which many could learn.

Massive, human, driven, fresh: 6 years after the “Dying Language” CD, Somatic Responses come back to Ad Noiseam with a new rhetoric, and what might be a lasting new taste. Re-inventing themselves, threading new paths and bridging sounds in ways that had not been explored so far, “Reformation” is a major release for Somatic Responses, paving the way to more brilliant releases to come.

Somatic Responses
Release date:
April 10th, 2009

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Tracklisting:1. Deadstep
2. Reformation
3. Murder Thought
4. LFO Assassin
5. Radiation Rhythm
6. Panic Attack
7. Dubscare
8. Who's Stoppin Ya! Killer

Artwork by Nick Nenov.
Mastering by Ralf Pytlik at Meadow Master.

Information:Somatic Responses:


Who's Stoppin Ya! Killer

LFO Assassin (excerpt)

Deadstep (excerpt)

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