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Image Raoul Sinier's fourth full length album sees this Paris-based multi-talented artist repeat the tour de force that was his 2007's "Wxfdswxc2": the thirteen tracks of "Tremens Industry" come packaged together with more than two hours of videos and documentaries. Not only a logical continuation of his discography or an accurate way to get acquainted to his art, "Tremens Industry" is Raoul Sinier's definitive and most important release to date. (Get this on CD & DVDas mp3).
While Raoul Sinier's gritty but playful, naïve but complex sound has become a trademark of his music, "Tremens Industry" is an album in which he re-invents himself anew as a musician. Following the hip hop beats of "Wxfdswxc2" and the complex, intense "Brain Kitchen", "Tremens Industry" is Raoul Sinier's most accessible album to date. He now writes real songs ("The Hole", "List Of Things", Elle A Raison", "Boxes"), combining vocals with a more focused use of his incredible self-made guitar (whose birth is documented on the DVD). Walking a thin line between the electronic innocence and broken charm of his instrumental material (such as the title track or "Overthoughts Reprise") on the one side and the deep soul of his songs on the other, this new Raoul Sinier offers with "Tremens Industry" his coming-of-age release, in which his maturity rivals with the surprising coherence of the whole album.

And of course, it would be unfair to mention this artist without spending some time on his visual work. An insolently talented painter, sculptor and designer, Raoul Sinier has been praised far outside of the music world, and has presented his creations in multimedia exhibits, galleries and magazines. Taking things where they had been left with his previous DVD, this one features 16 videos (some cartoons, some 3D animation, and some shot in "real life"), together with documentations about his work process. Impressive and obviously far superior to most music videos out there, this DVD is to be seen as on an equal level as "Tremens Industry"'s audio part.

Ad Noiseam is very happy to be able to present in one package both of Raoul Sinier's artistic sides: the carefully laid out music and the stunning video creations. Not only a logical continuation of his discography or an accurate way to get acquainted to his art, "Tremens Industry" is Raoul Sinier's definitive and most important release to date.

Raoul Sinier
Tremens Industry

Release date:
October 2009

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1 Overthoughts
2 Sand Skull
3 The Hole
4 Alternative Rush
5 Map for a Tactical Nonsense
6 List of Things
7 Boxes
8 Confusion Room
9 Overthoughts Reprise
10 Elle a Raison
11 Tremens Industry
12 This Little Mouse
13 Hard Summer

Videos & extras
running time: 1h 45min
PAL, region free
English & German subtitles

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

mp3:The Hole

Tremens Industry

Boxes (excerpt)

Elle a raison (excerpt)

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