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Image The long wait is finally over. After two very remarked single 12" on Ad Noiseam, Broken Note unleash their first full length release, in the form of a CD featuring their past vinyl-only discography, plus a couple of tracks that had never been released on either formats and remixes by Hecq and Enduser. (Get this on CDas mp3)
It was promised, announced, and expected, and here it is finally: Broken Note's first CD. A full length compendium of this act's misdeeds till today, "Terminal Static" is the eagerly awaited arrival of Broken Note to CD players everywhere. Turntables needed a break.

Containing as much music as one can pack on a CD, "Terminal Static" presents the material released on vinyl on Ad Noiseam, Ruff and Damage, showcasing almost two years of extreme sonic mayhem, as well as one brand new track ("Mask Of Gas") and three remixes. Unleashed upon the world by two young London based producers, Broken Note's tracks have taken listeners by storm since early 2008. Playing countless shows and festivals, getting insolently exposed for such a young act and receiving praises from everywhere, Broken Note are obviously the hottest thing around. As well as the hardest, the deadliest and the heaviest.

Mixing dubstep, drum'n'bass, breakcore and industrial-grade distortion, these two musicians create dancefloor-ready, fresh and intense tracks which have proved their efficiency in legion of clubs or shows. From the deepest hooks of such tracks as "Zealot" or "War In the Making" to the accurately named "Fury" and equally broken "Let 'Em Hang", Broken Note's array of talent is their force, bringing together fans of shattered beats and those of heavy basses.

And Broken Note are not alone in this. Juno Reactor lent a track, turned by the two into a heavy and still flowing ultra heavy dub number. Finally, Hecq and Enduser (here appearing under his new moniker, I Am The Sun), both of them having shared the stage with Broken Note at the Berlin Ad Noiseam festival in May 2009, get behind the remixing decks to twist and rework Broken Note's material, turning it into a dynamic staccato of a track (for Hecq) or a massive, pitch black slow audio mastodon (Enduser).

And finally, yes, there was more material and remixes: Broken Note and Ad Noiseam chose to present with "Terminal Static" an exhaustive compilation of this band's past. But rest assured that more is coming.

 Broken Note
Terminal Static

Release date:
October 2009

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Tracklisting:1. Mortal Bass
2. Let 'Em Hang
3. Mask Of Gas
4. Meltdown
5. War In The Making
6. Zealot
7. Pyrotek
8. Dubversion
9. Crux
10. Juno Reactor: Tokyo Dub (remix by Broken Note)
11. The Fury
12. Dubersion (remix by Hecq)
13. Crux (remix by I Am The Sun)

I Am The Sun are Enduser and Casey Beagle.

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.
Artwork by Karol Lasia

mp3:Let 'Em Hang


Crux (remixed by I Am The Sun, excerpt)

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