Bloodflowers "Torn At The Seems" - adn12
ImageWith his two other projects, Cage Decay and Kaltesglas (aka Weakener), Philadelphia's Kevin Potts has proved to possess an accute sense of rhythms and beats. With this third projet, he now demonstrates he's not only a dancefloor freak, but also an accomplished musician, that knows how to take the listener for a deep and atmospheric journey.
"Torn at the seams" contains five tracks that mixes calm noises and drones with beautiful distant tones, resulting in something that is both moving and crushing, heavy and flowing. At time scary, Bloodflowers know how to charm you and make you drown into aggressive frequencies, while always showing you a distant melodic "light" at the end of the tunnel. Cinematic and sad, original and never too gentle, these are subtle and intense recording, in which one recognize easily Kevin Potts's talent. The man knows his machines, and here is how it sounds like when he takes out the beats and fill the air with drones.

Getting himelf at once on the rank of some well known bands (mostly coming from Sweden), Bloodflowers impresses by the composition and the production of these tracks. Here is ambient that never gets boring, that never releases you from its nosiy grip, and that will get played on repeat.

And no, Bloodflowers has nothing to do with The Cure.

Bloodflower's "Torn at the seams" is the third volume of Ad Noiseam's Darkambient series.

Torn At The Seems
CD ep
Release date:
Jan 8th, 2002

Limited to 300 copies
Sold out

Tracklisting: 1. The Smell
2. Steel Churches
3. Imploded, cornered
4. Hurting
5. Your world not mine

mp3: Imploded, cornered

The Smell (excerpt)

Your World Not Mine (excerpt)
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