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ImageDetritus's fourth full length album is both a general update of what could be hinted at with the previous three and this act's opening to new territory. Very detailed, and combining both ferocious drum'n'bass moments with delicate and touching melodies, "Things Gone Wrong" caresses, kicks and impresses as Detritus's most crafted. A treat for the fan, and an excellent snapshot of what this act is about for the newcomers. (Get this on CDas mp3)
Fourth album already for Detritus, one of the longest running act on Ad Noiseam (his first album was released on the label back in 2003). Having acquired the status of an icon of this scene lurking somewhere between IDM and industrial music, David Dando-Moore has decided to go this time with a varied album in which he somewhat uses elements and ideas that could be found on the previous three, but improved and perfected. If things ever went wrong, they clearly didn't this time around.

While "Left Behind", a thunderous opener, builds a bridge between this album and its raw predecessor, Detritus anno 2009 focuses more on melodies and clever bass lines than ever. Finding back his love for melancholic tones, he delivers here touching tracks (such as the piano ridden "Field Of Dead Leaves" or the downtempo "Ghostwritten"). Detritus shows that he's not one to repeat himself: these melodies come intertwined with dynamic and hovering basses. The result is a cleverly written album which grasps its audience from the first take, but still has a lot to unveil with each listening.

Orchestral, anthemic, emotional, clear: all the adjectives that have been used to describe Detritus music so far could be used about "Things Gone Wrong", but together with others, such as heavy, intricate and multi-faceted. More than just a patchwork of Detritus's talent (from his acoustic strings to the delicate melodies and hardened beats), this album sees David Dando-Moore upgrade his sound (as he did with his recording equipment over the course of the recording) and infuse it with newer elements, as demonstrate the throbbing "Breaking Eggshells" and the partly rocky "Archipelago". Mothboy, who co-wrote the latter, also appears with his electro-ridden remix towards the end of the album, preceding the gargantuan dubstep one by Paris's Niveau Zero.

Ad Noiseam is happy to present a new volume of Detritus's impressive work. If a lot could have gone wrong, considering the details and perfectionism thrown into this album, they didn't, and what did got left behind.

Things Gone Wrong
Release date:
October 2009

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Tracklisting:01. Left Behind
02. Archipelago
03. Things Gone Wrong
04. Breaking Eggshells
05. Fields Of Dead Leaves
06. Haunted
07. Entropy
08. Ghostwritten
09. Bookburner
10. Details
11. Drift
12. Beautiful People Die (remix by Mothboy)
13. Haunted (remix by Niveau Zero)

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mp3:Left Behind


Ghostwritten (excerpt)

Haunted (remix by Niveau Zero, excerpt)

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