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Roel Funcken - Vade The début solo album by one of the two Funckarma brothers, “Vade” is a deep and intense re-interpretation of many current electronic genres by one of the most praised actors of this scene. Painstakingly detailed, deep and ever-morphing release, this full length album sees Roel Funcken expresses his takes at dubstep, IDM or club beats, free of any boundaries and preconceptions. A particularly rewarding and mesmerizing album which confirms once again the talent of relevance of this producer. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Following the heavy and smoke-filled second volume of Funckarma's “Dubstoned” series at the end of 2008, Roel Funcken returns to Ad Noiseam, this time with his first full length solo album. Acting without his brother (Don Funcken, the other half of Funckarma), but collaborating on some tracks with Kettel and Cor Bolten (with whom Funckarma wrote an album as Legiac for Sending Orbs), Roel Funcken delivers here what is at the same time a first solo experience and an important, main course of a release.

Spread over 16 tracks and taking all the available duration of a CD, “Vade” is the collusion of many genres that Roel Funcken has tried and touched in the recent years. The weight and depth of the dubstep-influenced “Dubstoned” series is there, but so are the lighter, more flowing electronica of Funckarma's past efforts or the electro-minded dancefloor tunes of several Funckarma side-projects. From wonky beats to glitches, from abstract breaks to straight up club lines, “Vade” appears as the translation onto music of Roel Funcken's take at not one, but many current music scenes. And what else to expect from a confirmed, veteran musician, an sound engineer and an frequent performer?

Particularly intense and lush, extremely detailed and the result of a very careful production process, “Vade” is a masterful piece of work, and one of the kind which can only come from an experienced musician. Roel Funcken's solo album stands as a towering and essential production: playful at times, deadly efficient at others, and constantly hanging between beauty and force.

Roel Funcken - Vade
Roel Funcken

Release date:
March 29th, 2010

Tracklisting: 1. Gallice
2. Vertox Dreaming
3. Cobaned Banner
4. Ledge
5. Fiction Stub
6. Bluent
7. Daze Flextone
8. Skarm Sfias
9. Spi Trade
10. Martyrz
11. Koortshond
12. Vade
13. Lyra Stellum
14. Orc Darce
15. Halfkriel
16. Lajor Mazer

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All tracks written by Roel Funcken, with Kettel on track 15, Cor Bolten on tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 13, and TJ Dimoon on tracks 2 and 11.

Artwork by Sarge Grafx

mp3:Vertox Dreaming

Fiction Stub

Skarm Sfias

Lajor Mazer

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