Mothboy - Bunny - adn123
Mothboy - Bunny - Ad Noiseam adn123 Third and final studio album by Mothboy. With "Bunny", one of the most varied and innovative act on Ad Noiseam brings a chapter to an end with an album that condensates everything Mothboy has been known for: a very rich sound, heavy basses, infectious rhythms, well chosen and even better used vocals, and of course a moving, lush jazz touch. Cute, sweet, but dangerous and bloody, here's a an album well illustrated by its cover artwork, and which both crowns and expands Mothboy's essential and personal sound. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
It was a unidentified audio object, landing on the demo pile in early 2004 that started the collaboration between Mothboy and Ad Noiseam. The then young project by London-based Simon Smerdon, recommended to the label by Larvae (who had that time were still touring for their "Fashion Victim" album) was already something hard to categorize. Featuring tracks co-written with bass heavyweights Scorn, Larvae and Horchata, but also featuring the rapped musings of (the also then unknown) Akira The Don, this demo of "The Fears" album was something intriguing by its depth, its diversity and, most of all, the care and talent brought in its inception. Six years later and two pressings later, Mothboy's warm first claustrophobic night ride stands as one of the classic albums which helped build Ad Noiseam.

Then came the playful trip around the globe of the bright red "Deviance", which increased the number of guests, unleashed the techno elements (and the "Selfish Plan" dancefloor packer) and underlined Mothboy's contemporaneity, built as a meeting point for Smerdon's important music culture and the then nascent grime sound. Preceded and followed by two 12" singles, the breaky "Beg / Movement" (and its Starkey single) and the Detroit-minded "Exonian" (with a Monrella one), "Deviance" was Mothboy at his most playful.

A new decade has come, Simon Smerdon has decided to take his talent to other musical waters, and, at least for the moment, retire the Mothboy moniker. He's going out with a bang, though, and a bloody, white furry one: "Bunny" is something on which new products and ideas were definitely tested on. On the one hand, it features elements found in the previous two albums, such as the dusty, glitchy dark trips of "Cala Nova" or "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow", the party-friendly hip hop of "Move" and "Johnny Nemo", or the schizophrenic beat splitting of the catchy "You / Me". On the other hands, it ventures into indie rock waters (potentially showcasing where Smerdon will be heard next time), and integrates some wonky, pseudo lo-fi music towards its melancholic end. Mothboy is closing the door with a heavy heart, but is taking our hand all the way, till the moment we are invited to jazzily "drive home safely". He's not even doing it alone, as long time collaborators Akira The Don, MC Equivalent or Suzi C have come to the party, together with new vocalists Martin Carr (of The Boo Radleys), Sezrah Sylvan, Robert Conroy and, last but not least, Ted Parsons, drummer of the Swans, Godflesh and Prong (among others). There are a lot of bunnies in this fields, and all have pretty sharp teeth.

Ad Noiseam is happy to have worked with Mothboy on his three albums, and to be able to present the closing "Bunny". Here comes an incredibly rich final chapter, which, as "The Fears" did back then, proves to be the fruit of an artist who really loves, and knows, music. We're not dealing with genres or trends here, but with genuinely strong and beautiful sound. Please be seated.

Mothboy - Bunny - Ad Noiseam adn123

Release date:
April 17th, 2010

Tracklisting: 01. Please be seated
02. Move (too close) (with Equivalant)
03. You / Me (with Suzi C)
04. Cala Nova (with Ted Parsons)
05. Motion Control (with Sezrah Sylvan)
06. Won’t
07. Johnny Nemo (with Akira The Don)
08. I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Night (with Nonnon)
09. My Love
10. Version 2 (Pontcanna Stone) (with Martin Carr)
11. Glow
12. Cala Martina (with Ted Parsons)
13. Subway Song (Archipelago) (with Robert Conroy)
14. Drive Home Safely

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Artwork by Martin Cornish.
Mastering by David Dando-Moore.

mp3:You / Me

Cala Nova

Version 2 (Pontcanna Stone)


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