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Enduser - 1/3 Following a pause in 2010, Enduser comes back with a blast in the form of the colossal "1/3" EP, in which he manages to top his past releases and shows that he is at the very top of his game. Melodious and intricate, pounding but powerful, "1/3" contains all the elements that have made of Enduser such a particular and exciting act. (Get this on 12" / on CD / as mp3)
After a year dedicated to live shows, Enduser kicks starts 2009 with a new EP in which he sets the bar extremely high. Lynn Standafer was obviously neither lazy nor entirely focused on his outgoing collaborations, as this new “1/3” instantly ranks among the most accomplished Enduser releases to date.

Raw but melodic, energetic but emotional, explicit but contained, “1/3” seems to perfectly sum up what Enduser is about: a punky take at shattered drum'n'bass and hard electronics, mixed together with touching and soulful melodies. It might all be challenging and demanding, but Enduser's music is not an affair directed at tough guys; it's a lot more something for those listeners who are able to perceive that the beauty laid in these tracks is not conflicting, but supported by the intricate and pounding drums.

"1/3” and "2/3", this EP's main tracks, see Enduser on a very strong day, presenting in two deadly and coherent tracks the feelings and ingredients that make this project so exhilarating. They come reinforced with a new version of the older "Death Vest" track (which had never been pressed on vinyl) and a remix by label mate Cardopusher.

Ad Noiseam is proud to release Enduser's first record in almost two years, even more considering how accomplished this material is; "1/3" is Enduser at the top of his game.

Enduser - 1/3
Release date:
March 2010


CD single

Artwork by Byroglyphics
Mastered by DJ Hidden.

Tracklisting: A1 / 1. 2/3
A2 / 2. Death Vest 09
B1 / 3. 1/3
B2 / 4. Interruption 4 (remix by Cardopusher)

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Information: Enduser: enduser.sonicterror.net


Death Vest 09 (excerpt)

1/3 (excerpt)

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