Matta - Release The Freq - adn137

Matta - Release The Freq - adn137Matta's second record for Ad Noiseam comes out as this duo is receiving praises from all ends of the dubstep scene (and beyond). Driven, hard and very efficient, the title track has packed dancefloors all year with its gritty bassline and deep drops. On the B side, things might get only a little bit humane, as Matta deliver a couple more tunes featuring their signature majestic melodies and glitches. Massive, very detailed, fresh: another proof of this duo's remarkable and remarked talent. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)

Six months after "The Lost" (Ad Noiseam adn126), their first solo record, Matta are back with another three tracker, confirming that while they have gathered a lot of praises for their remixes for Hecq, Skism, Noisia, Black Lung and Bong-Ra (all delivered this year), they also haven't been shy of writing some original material.

The title track, on the A side, is a particularly insidious tune: the high end dictates the flow, building up to an abysmal drop which has sent club goers panting at many parties this year (and brought Matta props and plays from DJ as varied as Distance and DJ Hidden). High paced, detailed in its grittiness and very energetic, this is undoubtedly a side that will gets tons of needle-wear in clubs.

The B side opens with "Chaos Reigns", an equally pounding track which also integrates a long, majestic melody, bringing a contrast to the dynamic beats and huge-robot-from-hell sweeping low frequencies. Finally, the third track, co-written with The Abyss, adds a bit of glitch and breaks to round up the record with something which might be a bit darker, but also allows clubgoers or headphone-listeners to come down and breathe a bit (not for long though, as the syncopated drum will put everybody in movement again).

We wrote this Spring that Matta were bringing some very welcome enthusiasm and excitement to dubstep, and it seems that we were not the only ones to think so. Time has now come to add a new piece to this duo's fast growing discography and enjoy more of their talented and powerful tracks.

Matta - Release The Freq - adn137
Release The Freq
Release date:
November 9th, 2010

Tracklisting: A1. Release The Freq
B1. Chaos Reigns
B2. Solar Driftwood (featuring The Abyss)

Mastered by DJ Hidden.

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mp3:Release The Freq

Chaos Reigns (excerpt)

Solar Driftwood (excerpt)

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