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Semimomime - From MemoryDetailled, deep, pristine: the adjectives often used to describes Noel Wessels's output as DJ Hidden or The Outside Agency are even more accurate for the long-awaited first album by his new Semiomime project. A highly evocative and changing soundtrack to a yet-to-be-written movie, “From Memory” is a tour de force in emotional, multi-instrumental music writing and production. Close your eyes and let Semiomime guide you through his mysterious, intimidating but not unfriendly sonic journey. (get this on CD / as digital files)

"Everything will sound just a little different" states the video trailer prepared for "From Memory" by Noel Wessels (Semiomime, but also DJ Hidden and part of The Outside Agency). A way to understand this position requires to take a step back and see how he has been seen by the outside world in the recent years. As DJ Hidden, he has played countless shows and released salvoes of records (including his two full lengths albums on Ad Noiseam) whose hard beats and crafted breaks were first aimed at the dancefloor. As The Outside Agency, he's achieved domination of the hardcore scene and sent crowds of ravers into furious trances.

Therefore, yes, it's an understatement to say that Semiomime's début album is "a little different". A concept album and a soundtrack to an imaginary movie, "From Memory" is not a dancefloor affair; It is empty of drum'n'bass patterns or hardcore beats. It's made for home, for headphones, for closed-eyes experiences and active listening.

And yet, there's no denying that Noel Wessels's third moniker is the logical continuation of the previous ones. DJ Hidden's tracks have always featured long cinematic moments, and even The Outside Agency's material features a lot of dark undertones and melodies. For the faithful fan, "From Memory" is not such a sudden switch, but more the long-awaited possibility for this musician to sit and focus on what has made his music stand out so much. Crystal-clear melodies, subtle atmospheres, lush instrumentations and pristine arrangements: what was till now the background texture to Noel Wessel's beats is now the core of Semiomime.

A very long project in the making, several times re-written and perfected (after all, Semiomime first appeared on a Merck compilation in 2003), "From Memory" is a very personal work which allows the listener to dive deeper into Wessels's art. An intricate concept album (just like the two DJ Hidden albums are) and benefiting from his renowned (and highly sought after) superior technical skills, "From Memory" is finally the perfect invitation to lie down, close your eyes and enjoy the movie your psyche will summon out of this recordings' trip.


From Memory

Release date:

Tracklisting:Part 1:
1. Unveiled
2. The Entrance
Part 2:
3. Stalactite
4. Theorem
5. Gnosis
6. Passage
7. Eidolon
8. Transistor
9. Moon
10. Parade
11. Remembering
12. Pan's Alcove
Part 3:
13. The Mole Children
14. Hendershot
15. Proceeder
16. The Exquisites
17. Later Days

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mp3:The Entrance



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