Ammo / Szkieve "Terra Amata / Perturbacée" - adn14

ImageAd Noiseam goes vinyl with this split that bridges the Atlantic ocean and brings together two of the best acts one can think of, when it comes to production quality and originality in atmospheric music.

Szkieve is the musical output of Dimitri della Faille, the head of Hushush, one of today's most interesting labels. With his first release, "Des germes de quelque chose", Dimitri was exploring high frequencies and ear piercing noises, while always keeping a very innovative and intelligent approach to its sound. His track for this split, "Perturbacée" is a thought provoking deep ambient piece, where drones and oscillations are kings. This is the kind of music that doesn't need vocals to touch you, full of subtilities, details and inner strength.

Ammo is the child of the productive belgian musicians John Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Ambre, Dead Hollywood Stars, Torsion...) and C-drik (Crno Klank, Axiome, Ambre, Dead Hollywood Stars). Letting out their most diverse creations, the duo has already released an album of drum'n'bass ("The age of terminal irony"), a single of breakcore covers of pop songs ("Beautiful people") and a free improvisation with found samples ("Kaleinoiscope"). "Terra Amata" is probably their most emotional material. A encompassing track that mixes noises and orchestral parts, in which intense outbursts of sounds wake the listener from an unsafe daydream. "Perturbacée / Terra Amata": tones and drones and back again.

Ammo and Szkieve
Perturbacée / Terra Amata
picture 12"
Release date:
Apr 8th, 2002

Limited to 450 numbered copies

Tracklisting: A. Ammo: Terra Amata
B. Szkieve: Perturbacée

Information:Ammo: /

mp3: Terra Amata (excerpt)

Perturbacée (excerpt)

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