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King Cannibal - All The Colours Of The NightThe night has roared, and now has many colours and shades on King Cannibal's most varied record to date. From this established producer's insidious remix of Bong-Ra's "Come Out To Play" or Machine Code's anthemic and furious version of "Dirt" to the more laid back and melodic remixes by Krumble and Dead Fader, this EP is an accurate snapshot of what King Cannibal is about: not only can he pack a dancefloor, but he also delivers gentle tunes or impressive beatwork. King Cannibal has a posse, an untamed, diverse one.(get this on 12" / as digital files)

That Dylan Richards (King Cannibal) is an astute remixer and collaborator is a known fact. From the high-profile guests featured on his Ninja Tune releases to the extensive DJ and remixer works of his early years, he's always been somebody eager to work with other producers. This is the case again with "All The Colours Of The Night", which could somewhat have been titled "All The Colours of King Cannibal": four tracks written with four other artists, and four different takes at King Cannibal's sound.

It all started with King Cannibal's remix of the Bong-Ra classic "Come Out To Play" (from the Ad Noiseam-released album "I Am The God Of Hellfire"), a part d'n'b, part breaks, part metal track which had somewhat managed to fall between the cracks of every other Bong-Ra and King Cannibal release so far, and which is finally getting presented here to a broad audience.

This hard-edged opener is reflected with the other fury of a track that is Machine Code's remix of "Dirt", in which Dean Rodell and Current Value (who write together as Machine Code) turned Daddy Freddy's guest vocals into a monstrous, syncopated and bass-heavy anthem. DJ-play more than guaranteed. But the colours of the night are not only intense, saturated ones. France's Krumble, usually known for his pounding drum'n'bass and breakcore, slows King Cannibal's "So... Embrace The Minimum" considerably and keeps of the original the emotional, tender atmosphere, treated here to a futuristic house-leaning new light.

Finally, British noise-dubsteppers Dead Fader take us all by surprise with their gentle, slowly building and epic remix of "Murder Us", slicing Jahcoozi's vocals and closing the record with a tune with starts gently only to close with a headbang-induced beat.

"All The Colours Of The Night" is arguably the most diverse King Cannibal record to date, one in which the collaborations provide this musician with the variety and room necessary to fully express his talent. From stomping dancefloor tunes to home-listening, melodic ones, it is a wild ride of a night, but also a friendly, family affair, all done with imposing talent and wide-ranging ideas.



King Cannibal
All The Colours Of The Night

12" / digital
Release date:
June 24th, 2011

Tracklisting:A1. Bong-Ra: Come Out To Play (remix by King Cannibal)
A2. King Cannibal: So... Embrace The Minimum (remix by Krumble)
B1. King Cannibal featuring Daddy Freddy: Dirt (remix by Machine Code)
B2. King Cannibal featuring Jahcoozi: Murder Us (remix by Dead Fader)

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mp3: Dirt (Machine Code remix)

Come Out To Play (King Cannibal remix, excerpt)

So... Embrace The Minimum (Krumble remix, excerpt)

Murder Us (Dead Fader remix, excerpt)

King Cannibal "All The Colours Of The Night" - Ad Noiseam adn140
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