Mobthrow - Mobthrow - adn141

Mobthrow - Mobhtrow - adn141Though subtle and humane, Mobthrow's debut album is a larger-than-life experience, an elaborate and detailled ensemble of scalding beats and encompassing atmospheres, of massive basses and flowing voices. This artist offers us a very cohesive entity ranging from dancefloor-compatible drum'n'bass to introspective home-listening songs, the whole thing stuck together by his consistent work on rhythms and tones. We're here listening to an album in the truest sense of the word, a guided adventure through an adventurous and perfectly put together concept. (get this on CD / as digital file)

Though the matte painting on the cover artwork of Mobthrow's début album shows a scorched landscape, this first full-length is not a story of destruction but one of rebuilding. Mixing both the dark undertones of this urban scenery with a confident blending of instruments and genres, Mobthrow is more about bringing elements together than tearing them apart, as demonstrated by this album' opulent atmospheres.

A composer, sound engineer and programmer, Angelos Liaros (Mobthrow) has followed a path which can be compared (and has often crossed) the one of his label mate Subheim. Both originates from Greece, and both moved outside of their countries to pursue their musical endeavours and studies after the demise of their Spectraliquid label. A relocation to Holland later, Mobthrow has found himself writing patch for sound synthesis software, scoring advertisements and movies, founding a mastering studio, everything done while composing this long awaited self-titled album.

More than most similar albums, Mobthrow's first is really a patchwork of styles and sounds. From the futuristic tones and hard beats of "Bulb Engine” to the melodic strings and ethnic percussions of "Night Riders” or from the ethereal "The 3 Marks” (featuring Subheim's vocalist Katja) to the ferocious drum'n'bass of "Street Breakz”, this burning landscape of an album is a place of surprise. And still, it is also carefully planned and built up. We're not dealing with a lose collection of tracks glued together without any guiding line, but with an ensemble which, almost as a soundtrack, evolves flawlessly.

There's a lot of humanity to be found in Mobthrow's album (as, again, shown in its artwork), a lot of care brought to the details and a lot of care. Ad Noiseam is proud to present this first full length album, which can only pave the way to more of Mobthrow's sound explorations: delicate but powerful, original yet solid, surprising but powerful.

Mobthrow - Mobthrow - Ad Noiseam adn141


Release date:
March 29th, 2011

Tracklisting: 1.Be water
4. Angel eyes
5. Night riders
6. Bulb engine
7. Desert city rising
8. The 3 marks (ft.Katja)
9. Iron tribal
10. Street breakz
11. Alone in the ruins

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mp3: Rainwolf

Desert City Rising

Street Breakz

Night Riders (excerpt)

Iron Tribal (excerpt)
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