Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker - Fraktals - adn142

Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker - FraktalsThe renowned detailled and personal production of Balkansky (a.k.a. COOH) meet the rage and insolence of the young Loop Stepwalker, resulting in a powerful record which puts rawness back into dubstep. "Fraktals", the first collaborative release between these two artists, is an energy-packed and original record which will fit perfectly alongside Broken Note or Niveau Zero both on the dancefloor and on turntables. Dirty but subtle, hard but balanced: the first step of an exciting path. (get this on 12" / as mp3)

Now that dubstep has reached every ear, club and radio station worldwide and has splintered in almost as many sub genres as artists, it's high time to go back and bring back the enthusiasm that did us in when we first heard of this style.

After Broken Note, Hecq, Matta or Karate Pflum, Ad Noiseam is proud to bring forth another record stating how we think dubstep can (and should) be made. Written first as part of a one-time collaboration, then evolving into a full fledge project, "Fraktals" is the first release co-written by Balkansky and Loop Stepwalker, two artists coming from very different horizons but seemingly aiming in the same direction.

On the one side, Ivan Shopov, known worldwide as COOH, has become over a few years one of the driving force and best known artist of the new hard drum'n'bass sound. Taking some time off from his constant touring all over the globe and wishing to channel his non-drum'n'bass output, he started the slower, dubstep-oriented Balkansky a few years ago, and has received a lot of praises already for his intricate through pummelling tracks.

On the other side of the ring, the young Spanish artist and promoter Loop Stepwalker is making here his début on wax. Having organized countless parties and gigs in his country for the likes of Broken Note or Niveau Zero, he later switched his position to get behind the mixing board and quickly raised the attention of confirmed producers such as, in this case, Balkansky.

From the anthemic "Kora" and "Fire" on the A side to the machine-gun beats of "Tornado" and "Tales From The Crypt" on the B side, "Fraktals" is the accurate meeting of these two producers: the experience, melodies and details of Balkansky meet the fury and ideas of Loop Stepwalker, resulting in a exhilirating, powerful and original record which exemplifies well the fervor and excitement that these artists are bringing to the dubstep sound.



Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker

Release date:
February 22nd, 2011

Tracklisting:A1. Kora
A2. Fire
B1. Tornado
B2. Tales From The Crypt

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mp3:Kora (excerpt)

Fire (excerpt)

Tornado (excerpt)

Tales From The Crypt (excerpt)

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