The Teknoist - Trainwreck Magnetism - adn145

The Teknoist - Trainwreck Magnetism - Ad Noiseam adn145The Teknoist is back, and he has a posse. "Trainwreck Magnetism" not only gathers the newest composition by one of the rare musicians who can combine the words "breakcore" and "pristine", but also his remixes for high profile friends such as Drumcorps, King Cannibal, Hecq and others. It's hard (very), sometimes dark, often angry, but also particularly varied. A highly rewarding album which satisfy both the urge to thrash around and the need for carefully crafted music, The Teknoist's new full-length is another crown for this pillar of the breakcore and hardcore sounds. (get this on CD / as digital files)

Three years have passed between The Teknoist's first full length album, "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" and his new "Trainwreck Magnetism". Three years during which Miike Hayward kept rather busy: touring all over the world, wrecking sound systems from his home UK to Japan, releasing record after record and making friends, lots of them. If there's a definite magnetism drawing the listener to The Teknoist's hard and broken beats, there's another one, drawing musicians to collaborate with him, to lend him their tones, or ask him for a remix.

An album per se, "Trainwreck Magnetism" is also an accurate inventory of this artist's recent activities: he's written music again (more than half of the album are new solo and collaboration tracks), and he's been asked to remix tracks from very different scenes: we get his re-interpretations of King Cannibal's raw dubstep, of Mu-Ziq's IDM, or of Drumcorps's electronic grindcore, among others. By presenting all these tracks linked together, The Teknoist drives one of his main points home again: however hard his music might be, it's a world apart from just throwing fast beats around, but requires a lot of open mindedness and care.

Yes, a lot of people will just hear and notice how hard "Trainwreck Magnestism" is (for yes, The Teknoist's combination of hardcore, breakcore and drum'n'bass is harder than what most people write). It would however be a mistake not to dive in these compositions and notice how changing, detailed and crafted they are. Comparing the highly acrobatic "Kistunegari" to the atmospheric and introvert "Tears And Fruit Cocktail", or the free-wheeling, all out madness of the King Cannibal remix to the controlled and multi-tonal one for Septic Insurgent, one realizes how much attention has gone into every track, and why The Teknoist counts as one of the most sought-after and multi-talented artist of the breakcore and hardcore scene.

There were many wagons in this wreck, and a rather mixed crowd of passengers. Who wouldn't come closer and have a look?

The Teknoist - Trainwreck Magnetism - Ad Noiseam adn145

The Teknoist
Trainwreck Magnetism

Release date:
April 6th, 2011

Tracklisting: 1. Mu-Ziq: Siege Of Antioch (The Teknoist's I've Got 2 i's in my name remix)
2. Dead Unicorn
3. King Cannibal: Aragami Style (The Teknoist's Boygrinder Bazooka remix)
4. Hecq & Exillon: Spheres Of Fury (The Teknoist's Dreilide Thrace redux)
5. Tears And Fruit Cocktail
6. Prototype For a Ninja Nekromaniak (with Homeboy)
7. Danimal (with Machine Boi)
8. Septic Insurgent: Box Of Dreams (The Teknoist's Box Of Nightmares Labotomy)
9. Drumcorps: Down & Rodigan vs Alien (The Teknoist Reckons Rodigans gonna go Down meddly)
10. Kitsunegari
11. My Sugar Ape (Moses Like This One)
12. AK-Industry: Nekrologik Antham (The Teknoist's Gawdziwwa remix)

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mp3: Dead Unicorn

Septic Insurgent: Box Of Dreams (The Teknoist remix)


King Cannibal: Aragami Style (The Teknoist remix, excerpt)

Danimal (excerpt)

My Sugar Ape (excerpt)

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