Raoul Sinier - Guilty Cloaks - adn146
ImageRaoul Sinier's fifth full length album sees this musician surprise us again, and tap on his experience to offer an album in which tracks have become songs, tricky arrangements leave room for melodies, and, most of all, vocals are brought to the front stage. A seductive work, "Guilty Cloaks" stays deeply rooter in this artist's twisted and falsely naïve imagery, but approaches its listener in a much more humane and communicative way, mixing electronic composition with subtle song-writing, maturity and excitement. (get this on CD / digital)  
A man of surprises and an ever-evolving musician, Raoul Sinier is somebody who has been blurring paths and defying any pigeonholing. Over the course of four albums in half a decade, the music of this Paris-based multitalented artist has taken many forms, from the complex electronica of his first full-length album ("Raoul Loves You, Coredump 2004) to the hip hop beats and sensibilities of "Wxfdswxc2" (Sublight, 2007) and his Ad Noiseam debut ("Brain Kitchen", 2008). It's the case again with "Guilty Cloaks", both a sequel of sorts and a step forward from his previous "Tremens Industry" tour de force (Ad Noiseam, 2009). 

Fans and attentive listeners will have noticed how, over the recent years, Raoul Sinier started to include more guitars, longer melodies and, above all, more vocals to his music. The ten songs on "Guilty Cloaks" are the apex of this evolution. Moving strongly away from the intricate beat arrangements of some of his past works, Raoul Sinier managed here to lay down some deeply humane tunes, in which he takes more time to seduce the listener and drag him into his partly naïve, partly twisted universe.

Don't be fooled by the soft voice on such pieces as "Summer Days" or "Over The Table", Raoul Sinier's world is still this cute but somber assemblage of robots and polymorphic beings, masks and smoke. While "Guilty Cloaks" doesn't come with a DVD (as "Tremens Industry" and " Wxfsswxc2" did), Raoul Sinier's video work hasn't been put on hold. Several new example of this artist's impressive film and animation talent have been released online since his last album, and a few are set to coincide with the coming of "Guilty Cloaks".

"Guilty Cloaks" can be heard as a strong stylistic statement from Raoul Sinier, in which he sums up his experience to create something new, original and step beyond the boundaries which people might have thought he had. It's up to the listener to decide whether who the masked figure is who sits on the chair shown as empty on the album's cover but, may it be Raoul Sinier himself or his listener, it all stands in a new room, full of surprises and discoveries.

Raoul Sinier
Guilty Cloaks

Release date:
July 2011

Tracklisting: 1. Overture 5
2. She Is A Lord
3. Green Lights
4. Over The Table
5. Too Late
6. Flat Streets
7. Winter Days
8. Summer Days
9. The Enlightened Man
10. Walk

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

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mp3:She Is A Lord

Summer Days

Over The Table (excerpt)

The Enlightened Man (excerpt)

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