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Igorrr - Poisson Soluble / Moisissure - adn147While we wait for Igorrr to bring a sequel to his remarkable and praised "Nostril" album, here comes a extensive (and budget priced) re-release of his first two albums, originally self-released. These 25 tracks document this musician's past and provide us with new tunes mixing classical baroque, cut up dubstep, metal sensibilities and sheer insanities. Igorrr has now become an essential name for everybody into extreme music, and he shows us here how he got there. An unmissable document. (Get this on double CD / as digital files)

Seldom has an underground musician gathered so much praise in such a short time. Though he was already known in some small circles, Igorrr has shot to the pantheon of the breakcore and experimental scene since the 2010 release of his "Nostril" album. Constantly booked for live shows all over Europe, praised by underground and mainstream magazines worldwide and hailed as the new torch-bearer of the genre by basically everybody into breakcore, Igorrr is not any more that weird French newcomer who carefully stepped onto the scene a couple of years ago.

Besides live shows, 2011 is for Gautier Serre a year spent mostly in the studio, recording a new album for his metal project Whourkr and starting to lay down the foundation of a follow-up to "Nostril". The numerous new fans being thirsty for more tracks, though, here comes the re-release of Igorrr's first two albums, remastered and extended. Presented in a double package sold for a reduced price, "Poisson Soluble / Moisissure" is here to both quench the hunger of people who need more Igorrr than "Nostril"'s 14 tracks and document Igorrr's past and progression towards his actual sound.

Originally self-released in 2006, "Poisson Soluble" was Igorrr's first album, which already carries all his madness, humour, insanity and open-mindedness. Originally limited to 8 tracks, the version presented here also features two tracks co-written by Indian Sonic, an Igorrr remix of a track that metal head might recognize (and enjoy) as well as remixes of Igorrr's tunes by Raoul Sinier and Rotator.

Self-released in 2008, "Moisissure" was a step forward to Igorrr, and helped him gather a bit more recognition, resulting in a digital release of this album by the Irish label Acroplane. The version presented here is the first one to contains the 12 tracks from this session, meaning the original 11 and a bonus track which had been used on the 2010 vinyl version of both albums, then put out by the Greek label Impulsive Art.

While we all wait for Igorrr's next album, Ad Noiseam is proud to offer an extensive look into this musician's future and present these 25 tracks in the best possible way. Let's the spastic, laughing and thrashing dancing begin again.
Poisson Soluble / Moisissure
Release date:
  October 13th, 2011
double CD

Tracklisting: CD 1 "Poisson Soluble"
1. Petit Prélude Périmé
2. Mastication Numérique
3. Tartine De Contrebasse
4. Pizza Aux Narines
5. Dixit Dominus
6. Sueur de Caniche
7. Dieu Est-Il Un Etre?
8. Sorbet Aux Ongles
9. Grodji (with Indian Sonic)
10. Ganapati (with Indian Sonic)
11. Remix Bleed
12. Valse En Décomposition (Raoul Sinier Recomposition)
13. Melting Nails (Rotator remix)

CD 2 "Moisissure"
14. Valse En Décomposition
15. Oesophage De Tourterelle
16. Putrefiunt
17. Extro
18. Liquid Requiem
19. Brutal Swing
20. Phasme Obèse
21 Huile Molle
22. Croute
23. Moelleux
24. Moisissure
25. Squelette Réversible

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mp3: Pizza Aux Narines (excerpt)

Sorbet Aux Ongles (excerpt)

Valse En Décomposition (excerpt)

Brutal Swing (excerpt)

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Igorrr - Poisson Soluble / Moisissure - adn147
Igorrr - Poisson Soluble / Moisissure - adn147
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