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ImageWith "Everyday Explanations", Detritus doesn't only come back from a short-lived retirement but also operates a strong shift toward more home-listening material. Profound enough to lose yourself in and focusing on atmospheres rather than on beats, this album is the one in which Detritus's obsessive care for the details is best put to use and results in the what is surely this artist's most surprising, personal and subtle release to date. (Get this on CDas digital files)
"Everyday Explanations", Detritus's fifth album, is also something of a first. Thinking a time of focusing exclusively on his atmospheric project A Wake A Week, David Dando-Moore had announced a retirement of sort for Detritus shortly after "Things Gone Wrong". A couple of years were needed for inspiration and motivation to come again, Detritus was then brought back to life in the studio, and this album was born.

In a way somewhat reminiscent of Detritus's arguably best known work so far, "Fractured", this new album is an obvious stylistic leap. But if If 2007's Detritus had taken an aggressive, gritty stance, 2011 is the time for introspection. Detritus is back: something new had to be said and written, and though we might all recognize the sound which has made of this project one of the most important of the current industrial electronica scene, "Everyday Explanations" differentiates itself strongly compared to its predecessors.

Detritus has always sounded melancholic, this new album adds a sense of claustrophobia to the mix, over which hovers a menacing sense of fragility. The heavy use of both piano, electronic drones and the almost constant presence of background dialogs make of these 10 new tracks a resolutely home-listening experience, something best listened to alone, with attention and calm. Featuring a lot fewer drum'n'bass moments than any Detritus album since 2005's "Origin" and bringing back some of the gritty guitars of "Fractured", this new avatar can be seen as the fruit of Dando-Moore's work with A Wake A Week and the meeting point between his ambient works and Detritus's previous incarnations.

 We can't stress enough how important it is to listen to "Everyday Explanations" repeatedly, loud and with care, as this album contains a staggering amount of layers, details and subtleties which might escape the casual listener. From the ghostly textures of "It's Nice To See The Sky" to the almost hidden ambiences of the false friend that is "Reality Steps", the devil is in the details here. Detritus has not just taken a new step forward production-wise (as is the case with each of his releases), but he has also confirmed a shift toward less frontal (and somewhat less friendly) material. 

Puzzling, surprising, menacing and rewarding: "Everyday Explanations" is an important album from one of Ad Noiseam's longest running and core acts, at the same time a return to the stage, a stylistic shift and a statement of intent. It offers a new view point on Detritus's past releases and goes at once quite far on a beautiful new path.

Everyday Explanations
Release date:
October 13th, 2011

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Tracklisting: 1. Scattered
2. Reality Steps
3. Divides
4. Mimesis
5. Before & After
6. Orchid
7. It's Nice To See The Sky
8. Flashbulb Moment
9. Valid
10. Day
11. Divides (remix by Subheim)

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mp3: Mimesis


Reality Steps (excerpt)

Flashbulb Moment (excerpt)

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