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ImageThe "Subsnow 02-02" CD compilation was released specially for the Tarmvred Subsnow 02-02 tour. This tour took place in Canada and the USA in February 2002. It contains a track by every band who performed during this tour.
Released in an edition limited to 400 copies, "Subsnow 02-02" is at the same time a quality compilation of rhythmic noise and dark ambient, and the perfect audio testimony of the tour. With one track from each act performing during the tour, this CD is a snapshot of America's best rhythmic noise and dark ambient of today. From deep drones to drum'n'bass and heavy rhythms, here something that those who weren't there will regret to have missed. Take the Subsnow tour to your bedroom or your favorite clubs, here is the "Subsnow 02-02" tour compilation

Subsnow 02-02
Release date:
Feb 15th, 2002

Tracklisting: 1. Tarmvred: Subsnow
2. The [Law-rah] Collective: Eyrie
3. Wilt: Virgo Awakened
4. Re:pro vs Acclimate: Warte
5. Antigen Shift: Epoch (Epidémie)
6. Tarmvred: Drifter
7. Robot Haus: Psychic warriors of unicron (fear of a robot planet mix by Subsektor)
8. Codec: Iguana
9. V.O.S.: Procession of the servile
10. Iszoloscope: Skotophobique
11. C2: Connect (Subsnow mix)
12. Kreptkrept: As I looked out of the broken window
13. Wilt: Virgo dismantled

mp3: -Robot Haus - Psychic warriors ov unicron (Fear of a robot planet mix by Subsektor)

Tarmvred - Drifter (excerpt)

Repro vs Acclimate - Warte (excerpt)
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