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ImageIt's clean, it's sharp, and it invokes images of futuristic, spacious constructions. For his first full-length album, breakcore artist Techdiff leaves the dancefloor anthems behind and demonstrates an insolent talent for ultra-edited, highly dynamic tracks mixing break beats, electronica and sound design. Myriad of details and idea flow together in this beast of a work, which demonstrates (as his label mate Ruby My Dear also did recently) that there's much hope to be had in this new wave of breakcore producer. This clearly doesn't sound like anything this genre has ever produced in the past, but proves to be an impressive milestone for this artist and this style. Get this on CD / as digital files.
The path to “P.Conv” started in 2010, when a then rather unknown breakcore musician named Techdiff, armed back then with only an EP released on Russia's Allergy records played an extremely impressive (though poorly attended) show in Berlin. Fresh, energetic, and most of all vastly better produced than what most people were doing in the genre at that time, it impressed not only Hecq, who approached Techdiff for a remix, but Ad Noiseam as well. There was definitely something to do with this musician, which was later confirmed by the very surprising remix that Techdiff delivered of Hecq & Exillon well known “Spheres Of Fury” track: gone were the ragga samples and the hard rave beats, replaced by a razor-sharp edit, a considerably slower pace and a much more mechanical, brainy feeling.

This is this side of his talent that Techdiff chose to present with his (long-awaited) first album. If crowds from the UK to Japan currently know him best for his very hard, broken dancefloor anthems, it is with “P.Conv” that Dave Forrester finally gets the opportunity to show his skills. This high-fi, science-fiction sounding, absurdly detailled and thought over full length work is a commanding work of musical mastery. And while this doesn't help to describe it, it definitelys grabs its listener from the very first tones of “Elcolux 9”.

Sharp, clean, heavy: Techdiff's music on “P.Conv” is not only a combination of many genres (the obsessive edits of breakcore, the tempo of dubstep and at times, the driveof techno), but also something else altogether, which provides this album with a rare freshness and originality. It all flows with ease from start to finish, and yet features such club tune as “Gofair” or the touching, atmospheric “Xkiysa Icwe Olrxgln”. And the listener would be hard press to recognize the original material remixed on three tracks, by Hecq, Balkansks & Loop Stepwalker and Raxyor, as Techdiff turned them into his own, spacious and scraping sound.

Started in 2010, Techdiff's “P.Conv” was by far the slowest album to ever be written for Ad Noiseam. It took dozens of versions of each track, hours of checking every frequency and every beat for the ten tracks of this album to see the light of the day. An arduous process, all the more combined with Techdiff's frequent touring, it was however very worth the efforts, as this album immediately impresses by the cleanliness and dynamic of its sound. Not only is this album a milestone for Techdiff, but it is also a work which genuinely brings enthusiasm and hope for more innovation in hard edged electronic music.

Release date:
November 5th, 2012

Tracklisting: 1. Elcolux 9
2. Gofair
3. Sentience
4. Thirteen Acres
5. Zero Moment Point
6. Stochastic Process
7. Positronic Meltdown
8. Decommission Procession
9. Xkiysa Icwe Olrxgln
10. Gofair (remix by Hecq)

"Stochastic Process" is a remix of Hecq’s "Spheres Of Fury".
"Positronic Meltdown" is a remix of Raxyor’s "Robonoid wrecks NYC".
"Decomission Procession" is a remix of Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker’s "Kora".

Mastered by Angelos Larios at 4Be.
Artwork by Dmas3.

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mp3: Gofair

Stochastic Process

Decommission Procession

Elcolux 9 (excerpt)

Thirteen Acres (excerpt)

Xkiysa Icwe Olrxgln (excerpt)


"P.Conv mash" tool for Reaktor.

Built with sounds and patterns used in "P.Conv", the "P.Conv Mash" program is a Reaktor tool in which you can rearrange beats, sequences and effects to produce your own Techdiff-sounding snippets. It comes with a short manual, and you can watch a video of it in use (or on Vimeo there). Finally, note that you do not need to own a full copy of Reaktor to play with it, as you can first download a free Reaktor player from the Native Instruments website to use this mash-up tool.

Go ahead, download this tool and enjoy it. It's easy to install and very fun to play with. If anybody wants to send us screencasts of what they came up with, you're welcome. And of course, check what Techdiff himself did with this for the "P.Conv" album.

Click here to download Techdiff's "P.Conv mash-up tool". People who do not have Reaktor should first install the free player available here.

Here's a screenshot of this tool in action:

 Techdiff's "P.Conv Mash" tool for Reaktor


And here a video:

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