Matta & Niveau Zero - Riot / Be Real - adn154
Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real" - adn154Taking a break from the recording of their respective new albums, Niveau Zero and Matta, two acts at the core of Ad Noiseam's dubstep side, pair up again for two highly infectious and massive tunes. Not just the sum of Matta's pounding sharpness and Niveau Zero's club-smartness, but an actual sublimation of each of these musician's talent: both tracks on this new EP marry the weight and drive you could expect but do so with a great care for details and finesse. Molotov cocktails and riot gears have never sounded so fitting.Get this on 12" / as digital files
Some differences are just made to complement each other: label-mates Matta and Niveau Zero meet again for a new, updated collaboration in the form of the "Riot / Be Real" EP.

While each act's respective album (Niveau Zero's "In_Sect" and Matta's "Prototype") varied greatly in their approach to dubstep, this French musician and that British duo have already worked together in the past. Not only have they shared the stage on numerous occasions (for example as part of the 10 Years Ad Noiseam celebrations in 2011), but they have already laid a couple of tracks together on wax, on the "Venom" EP released by Komod.O Dragon in 2010. Fast forward a couple of years: both projects are now considerably better known, have pushed their horizons towards new sounds and new audiences, but still communicate, meet and work together on a regular basis.

Born with the intent of mixing Matta's sharp synthesis and mesmerizing drum work with Niveau Zero's acute sense for the dancefloor and taste for breaks, "Riot" and "Be Real" are the result of an uncommonly long composition process. Though co-written tunes are a dime a dozen in electronic music, it is here a fact that none of these tracks sound prominently like one of these acts, but actually like the sum of these three musician's talents.

"Riot"'s slow build-up and exemplary drop leave way to a beat which manages to outgun everything else done in the genre while being fluid enough to provide for changes and breaks. A heavy track it is, as a heavy track it works, but without repeating itself and without ever boring the listener and dancer. On the flip-side, "Be Real" opens the door even more, as Niveau Zero invited Youthman to participate to what came out as a forward-creeping, exhilarating but somewhat menacing tune which has been packing dancefloor since its first plays.

Ad Noiseam is happy to present here a new collaboration between two acts which are certainly at the core of what the label is about. At a time when both Niveau Zero and Matta are locking themselves in the studio to write new solo material, this new EP is a gulp of fresh sound which shows how musicians can really work together and add to each other's talent. A bullet-proof musical achievement at the same time as a stealthy yet muscular reinforcement for all DJs out there.


Niveau Zero
Riot / Be Real

Release date:
June 29th, 2012

Tracklisting: A. Riot
B. Be Real

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Mastered at 4Be.

Information: Matta -
Niveau Zero -

mp3: Riot (excerpt)

Be Real (excerpt)

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