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ImageBreakcore for the thinking, feeling man: Ruby My Dear's long awaited début album is an organic ride through open musical horizons. Sharp and efficient, beautiful and varied, these "Remains Of Shapes To Come" all fit together in a particularly coherent whole which puts back hard and broken music on the center stage. Songs rather than track, a complex balance rather an exploded insanity: Ruby My Dear is a master of controlled melting pot of genres and sounds and signs here an album which brings new blood, energy and enthusiasm to free-form, musically impressive electronic music. Call it breakcore, call it IDM, or hurry and find a new name, as these "Shapes To Come" are here to stay. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
Music genres come, go, and come back again. It would be an understatement to say that breakcore hasn't been very seen a healthy influx of newcomers in true recent years. While the pillars of this scene (Enduser, Bong-Ra, Venetian Snares, The Teknoist, Rotator and a small handful of others), this free-form, electronic punk has hit the bottom of the wave, only to be reborn. Spearheading this renewal is, as usual with breakcore, a surprising act, hailing from France and named after a jazz tune. Ruby My Dear, which some should have heard recently on Whourkr's "4247 Snare Drums" album, offers with his début album a work which might kick breakcore to life again, and shows that you can do it with style and soul.

With a few digital releases pushed by the purveyors of good taste and heavy breaks that are Acroplane and Peace Off, Ruby My Dear has made a name for himself for his intricate beat-works and sense for emotional-but-not-cheesy melodies, always resulting in humane but playful, hard but deep tracks. "Remains Of Shapes To Come" is a new culmination of this talent at welding opposites, showing more than ever before that Ruby My Dear isn't one of those freaky acts constantly going for the extremes, but a full-fledged musicians whose instruments happen yo often be seen as antagonistic. Dive into the mesmerizing soundscapes of "Karoshi", twitch to the chiselled beats of "Uken" or marvel as "Chazz"'s pounding drums morph into chimes: all these elements melt in an organic way which both surprises and makes complete sense.

Uncommon even for breakcore, Ruby My Dear's music taps all styles and production techniques. With ears open to all sounds and tempos, this producer creates a fluid, dynamic and eclectic whole, resulting in a somewhat accessible, friendly and "natural" sounding album. "Remains Of Shape To Come": the title pays homage to both Ornette Coleman and Refused, the music itself is made of heavily cut-up rhythms, wobbly bass, aerial vocals, dancefloor anthems and ethereal strings and the atmospheres ranges from exhilarating club tracks to active-listening soundscapes. Precise, sharp, humane, surprising: Ruby My Dear's début album is breakcore for the feeling, thinking listener.

Ruby My Dear
Remains Of Shapes To Come

Release date:
June 29th, 2012

Tracklisting: 1. Maiden
2. Rubber Head
3. Karoshi
4. Uken
5. Hawa
6. Syuma
7. Dinah
8. Rhythm-a-ning
9. Pannonica
10. Monk's Dream
11. Chazz
12. Knit For Snow
13. L.O.M. (Loutre Oblique Méridionale)

Mastered by Angelos Larios at 4Be.

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mp3: Rubber Head


Monk's Dream


Hawa (excerpt)

L.O.M. (Loutre Oblique Méridionale) (excerpt)

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