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ImageHarder, faster, more guitars, more growls. Whourkr is Igorrr's metal alter-ego, and “4247 Snare Drums” is this act's third full length album. The product of a painstakingly long recording process by two musicians who are already seen as some of the hardest-working perfectionist in the scene, it is also a towering culmination of extreme metal run through equations, growls laid down mathematically, and guitars calculated for maximum efficiency. Polymorphous, violent, absurd but also extremely detailled, here comes the deadliest, ugliest and most precise sow-metal you could imagine. (Get this on double LP + CD / on CD / as digital files )
Fast paced breaks, controlled madness, growls from the deepest pits of hell and constant madness all throughout. Those of you who think we're describing Igorrr's music are only half right, as what Ad Noiseam presents today is a new album by this Gautier Serre's project with Vincent Mulk, Whourkr.

Started a bit after Igorrr's début as a way to express his deep-rooted sensibility of and knowledge for extreme metal, Whourkr is Igorrr's riff-heavy, growl-rich freak brother. Less classical elements, more guitar lines; less of a club orientation, more of a concert setting.

"4247 Snare Drums" is Whourkr's third album, and the first since Igorrr's widely praised "Nostril". Gautier Serre joined forces with his long-time collaborator Mulk (a name that fans of new grindcore will recognize, for example as part of Sedative) to lay his ferociously animalistic voice to the barrage of drums, bass and guitars of this new full length, along with France's doom newcomer Öxxö Xööx on two tracks and Ad Noiseam's new signing Ruby My Dear for the closing remix.

Hard, fast and loud: "4247 Snare Drums" is all this, but also a lot more. As with everything he writes, Gautier Serre and Vincent Mulk have given an insane amount of care to this album, going through extremely careful recording sessions with novel ideas. There are really four thousands two hundreds forty-seven snare hits in this album, each and every one of them recorded multiple times after having been mathematically planned for maximum result (yes, the charts on the album's cover were actually used in their layout). And yes, half a dozen micros were used to capture simultaneously Mulk's growls. Whourkr's craziness doesn't stop at the tracks, but goes deeply to their conception, recording and concept.

"4247 Snare Drums" is the perfect example of extreme music done not only for the love of this sound, but also with a particularly intellectual and complex approach (it's no surprise that Whourkr has been praised by Meshuggah). Somewhat tapping from Igorrr's experience in the electronic scene and Mulk's adventures in grind, it embodies a polymorphous work, aggressive but fun, brainy but punishing, where nothing at all is left to chance. Some people dedicate their life and talent to sculpting cristal or rice grains. Whourkr do the same, but craft a million ton sow and let it loose to trample us all.

4247 Snare Drums
Release date:
May 2012

double LP + CD


Tracklisting: 1. Quadruple Plis de Peau
2. Coiffer Un Ours
3. Gastro-Equestre
4. Manger Du Beurre
5. Pachyderm Catapult
6. Petits Poneaux
7. Ostina
8. Maximum Speed Limit Monotone Snare Audition
9. Polygroin
10. Arithmetic Punishment
11. Gastro-Equetre (remix by Ruby My Dear)

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mp3:Quadruple Plis de Peau


Pachyderm Catapult

Arithmetic Punishment

Gastro-Equetre (remix by Ruby My Dear, excerpt)
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