Xenonics K-30 "Automated" - adn16
ImageXenonics K-30: sci-fi warfare meets up to date music in the form of collaboration between multi-talented Scott Sturgis (Converter) and Leech (Navicon Torture Technologies). (Get this on CD)
Taking place in a speculative future where biology and technology are fused, the story told in "Automated" is a report from future struggles between hi-tech cold-blooded machines. Monstrous robots, smart missiles and brutal shocks of metal are rendered in an album full of noise, corrosion and rust. Listen to the battle from the inside of the assault units, in a scraping and corrosive CD composed by the two organic units behind Xenonics K-30.

Leaving behind the old clichés of human music, "Automated" is the future of noise, the soundtrack to a desolate and cold landscapes where hostile machines seek their enemies, showing as little mercy to their opponents as these frequencies do to the listener's ears. Tons of grinding metal and beats deadly as rockets are the perfect rendition to the monstrosities put in motion in this hypothetical future. Get your fix of ultra harsh noise and listen in on the garbled code of the Xenonics K-30 units crushing synthetic life into the dust.


Bonus downloads: Download complete remixes of Xenonics K-30 tracks:
-Automated, remixed by Lefthandeddecision
-Automated, remixed by Sleeping with the Earth
-Dyplastoid (Mimetic Poly-alloy mix by Navicon Torture Technologies)
Xenonics K-30
Release date:
Jun 24th, 2002

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Tracklisting: 1. Terramek
2. Disperse or we fire
3. Dysplastoid
4. Infiltrator
5. The bloody sea
6. G.m.a.s.

Information:Xenonics K30: www.leechnest.net/ntt/xk-30
Navicon Torture Technologies:

Scott Sturgis: www.ant-zen.com/converter

mp3: Dysplastoid

Disperse Or We Fire (excerpt)

The Bloody Sea (excerpt)
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