Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist - adn164
Image10 years after "Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred", Needle Sharing comes back to Ad Noiseam for a new threeway collaborative project, this time pairing up with the renowned breakcore furies that are Enduser and The Teknoist. Three sound-pools, nine tracks, and three different ways to approach hard drum'n'bass, hardcore and breakcore: this new association gives birth an album which, however mercilessly hard and pounding it might be, also impresses by its diversity and the care given to its details it communicates. A long awaited, very welcome and impressively energetic album which is more than just the sum of its parts. Get this on CD / as digital files.
In 2002, Tarmvred shared Needles with Panacea. It was only the third "real" CD ever pressed by Ad Noiseam, and marked an important step for the nascent label. Bringing together a rising newcomer (Tarmvred) and an established name (Panacea, back then without the article), Needle Sharing had chosen two quality collaborators to lay this now cult threesome of an album.
Fast forward ten years and 150 Ad Noiseam releases. Needle Sharing, still tearing sound-systems all across Europe, realized it was time to share once more. This time around, though, it would be an all-equals affair with two acts which, though they hadn't worked together yet, shared a common spirit and an extensive experience of hard, broken beats and even more broken stages. Enduser and The Teknoist it would be.

The recipe for "Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist" follows its older sibling's. Each act provided the others with a pool of sound, then wrote a solo track and one with the samples from each of his two partner in crimes. We listeners therefore get the widest possible palette of material that one could obtain when combining these three names. The touching melodies and angry breaks from Enduser (laying down here his hardest, toughest tracks in a long time), the precision bombing of Needle Sharing ravy dancefloor anthems and the pounding hardcore epics of the always larger-than-life Teknoist. "Whorenado", "Pony pak", "Jack It": the mood is set, the intent is clear, and the path is known for these three well-known PA-wreckers and floor-packers. Nobody is here to help you go to sleep.

And still, this wouldn't be an Ad Noiseam release if it was catering to the feet only. "Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist" might be a harder-than-thou release, broken and merciless, it however comes from three producers whose care for details, originality and inventivity is well known. No matter how shattered Enduser's rhythms are, how heavy The Teknoist's beats can be, or how catchy Needle Sharing's hooks are laid, all of them have spent weeks in the studio and given a lot of care to these tracks, ending up with something which is fresh, precise and well thought.

Try this in the club, but try this at home as well. Enduser, Needle Sharing and The Teknoist lay here the example of a hard but smart, fun but detailed, over-the-top but carefully planned collaboration. It might have taken 10 years to bring the needle sharing back to Ad Noiseam, but here's enough energy for another decade.

Enduser / Needle Sharing / The Teknoist
Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist
Release date:
November 1st, 2012


Tracklisting: 1. The Teknoist: White Slavery
2. Needle Sharing: Whorenado
3. Enduser: Pony Pak
4. Needle Sharing: Give Me The Money, I'll Be Right Back
5. The Teknoist: Truckers Road Map
6. Enduser: I Could Stop If I Wanted To
7. Enduser: Waking Upside Down
8. The Teknoist: Jack It
9. Needle Sharing: Dead Hooker In A Trunk

Mastered by Angelos Larios at 4Be.

Information: Enduser - enduser.sonicterror.net
Needle Sharing - needle-sharing.de
The Teknoist - theteknoist.com

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mp3: The Teknoist: Truckers Road Map

Enduser: I Could Stop If I Wanted To

Needle Sharing: Dead Hooker In A Trunk

Needle Sharing: Whorenado (excerpt)

Enduser: Pony Pak (excerpt)

The Teknoist: Jack It (excerpt)

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