Gore Tech - Machine Throne - adn166
ImageThrashers, DJs and all fans of hard electronic music rejoice: Gore Tech's new EP is an undeniable proof that breakcore is back, (un-)healthier and more broken than ever. Taking all the elements of this bastard child of hardcore, drum'n'bass and punk with today's improved production techniques but coming with open ears and fresh ideas, this adequately titled record is made to become a classic for everybody who like their beats raw, their bass heavy and their tempo shattered. Take good care of your turntable, as we guarantee repeated plays. Get this on 12" / as digital files.
Hard beats, sudden breaks, changes of pace, metal riffs, ragga anthems: all terms which have served to describe breakcore since the genre's early age, and which can be used to write about Gore Tech's first solo EP, "Machine Throne". After years of semi-famine and exodus towards other, calmer genres, one of the most in-your-face, punkish sub-niches of electronic music is making a strong come-back and seems that it has found a new talented torch-bearer in the person of Gore Tech.
"Machine Throne" is however far more than just a rehash of old sounds and techniques. Years have passed since breakcore started wrecking speakers in damp basements, productions tools have greatly increased, and producers have incorporated new influences into their sound. Less distorted, a lot sharper, heavier, futuristic and even including snippets and tempos from dubstep: Gore Tech's EP is a perfect example of updated hard electronic music, aware of the times and of its audience.
"Machine Throne" therefore demonstrates in its four tracks a wide range of sounds and energy. From the slowly building and bursting "The Plague Of Zion" with its drum'n'bass beats to the anthemic guitars of "Dubwar" (a classic in the making if there ever was one) or from the dirt and weight of the semi-drumstep-based "The Ghost Particle" to the mashed and sliced reinterpretation of Underhill's epic "Rivers Of Hades", Gore Tech has made his whole music cultures and genres, processing them and redistributing them in a ferocious, insidious and driven form.
Thrashers, dancers, Djs rejoice: you now have something else to play alongside your classics, and don't have to compromise anymore on the sound quality and freshness: Gore Tech's "Machine Throne" is here to confirm (and lead) a return to quality for all things hard and broken.
Gore Tech
Machine Throne
Release date:
March 11th, 2013

Tracklisting: A1. The Plague Of Zion
A2. Dubwar
B1. The Ghost Particle
B2. Underhill: Rivers Of Hades (Lake Of Fire remix by Gore Tech)

"Rivers Of Hades" originally written by Underhill and released on the "Silent Siren" album (adn156).
Mastering by DJ Hidden.
Artwork by shift.

Gore Tech online: goretechmusic.com

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mp3:The Plague Of Zion (excerpt)

Dubwar (excerpt)

The Ghost Particle (excerpt)

Underhill: Rivers Of Hades (Lake Of Fire remix by Gore Tech, excerpt)


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