Broken Note - Black Mirror - adn169
ImageFour years of live shows and painstaking experimentations later, Broken Note is back to quench our thirst for organic bass and intense beats. "Black Mirror" is a further refinement of this act's core sound: heavy, dense and cutting-edge, but also a step forward towards more cinematic sonorities, faster beats and new structures. As exhilirating as ever, powerful and encompassing, Broken Note anno 2014 proves that this act has no equal when it comes to sharp, sub-driven innovation. Here comes exactly the record that any Broken Note fan has been waiting and asking for. Get this on 12" / as digital files.
It was a worthwhile wait: four years after the "Flood” EP, Broken Note finally makes a welcome return to the turntables. Ever since the rapid-fire releases of the latest 2000's, Broken Note has played all over the planet and had high-profile appearances, such as a collaborative track with DJ Hidden ("Existence”, Ad Noiseam adn155) and a remix on Amon Tobin's "ISAM”. Time in the studio was limited, expectations were high, but we now have in our hands the fruit of a painstainkingly careful writing process.

Featuring original Foley sound-design, maturity and an impressive attention to detail, "Black Mirror” showcases a multitude of variations and developments within an already consistent and progressive sound. From the title track's first drop, the humongous bass and heavy effects confirm that Broken Note's sound, often copied, is still unequalled. The dark, encompassing "Guillotine” steps into the unexplored, bridging Broken Note's metal sensibilities with the precision of electronics. On the B side, the evocative "Descent” acts as a possible turning point, with the urgency of its cinematic half-step drum'n'bass and the break towards percussive hardcore in its second half. Finally, the closing "Stitch” retains the cinematic tonalities and density of its predecessor and combines them with a more contained tempo.

The electronic music world evolves quickly: trends come and go, artists experiment and influence each other. Still, Broken Note's 2014 offering proves very clearly that nobody else can write tracks with such weight, drive and detail. The epitome of gritty, organic bass hasn't found any equal.
Broken Note
Black Mirror
Release date:
March 10th, 2014

Tracklisting: A1 Black Mirror
A2. Guillotine
B1. Descent
B4. Stitch

Mastering by Audible Oddities.
Artwork by IAmSleepWalker.

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mp3: Black Mirror (excerpt)

Guillotine (excerpt)

Descent (excerpt)

Stitch (excerpt)

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