Magwheels "Evebuildingbomb" - adn17
ImageThe previous two very limited releases by Magwheels had already attracted a lot of interest to this David Sullivan, perceived by many as a composer to watch very carefully. With “Evebuildingbomb”, this project takes a step further towards the recognition that can’t but finally come, for Magwheels contains beauty, originality and depth; all things that music never should have forgotten, here in their most sincere and intense incarnation. (Get this on CD).
Here is music for desolate spaces, for empty plains and bleak sky. A music that fills the air and the soul, a pace that threatens and charms at the same time. With his first full length CD, David Sullivan, a.k.a. Magwheels, works his magic, building heavy and poetic tunes that carry the mind away.

Beauty. Here is the keyword of “Evebuildingbomb”, an album in which Magwheels steps outside of every known paths and breeds the most emotional post-rock guitars with massive and yet flowing drones. Rich, subtle and constantly charming, here is a music that can be at the same time powerful and moving, vast and close to the soul.

Artwork by David Sullivan.
Mastered by Phil Easter for Black Box Mastering.

Release date:
Oct 4th, 2002

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Tracklisting: 1. Discreet charm
2. For the sunrise
3. Two sleep till three
4. Harmfull moon
5. Eve building bomb
6. Lightning fist
7. According to birds
8. Live underneath lonely mountain
9.The pace is threatening to kill me


mp3: For The Sunrise

Two Sleep Till Three

According To Birds (excerpt)

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