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Image“Seven” is the album presentation of the soundtrack to a stage performance by Stavros Gasparatos, one of Greece's leading modern composers and sound-designers. Mature, coherent and very subtle, it is a beautiful journey through sharp electronic music and modern classical instrumentation. Evocative and powerful, this album carries the richness of the original live show, creates a rich sonic imagery and takes its listeners along a mysterious but elegant story. Get this on CD / as digital files.
We have often written that Ad Noiseam presents music aimed not only at the brain's satisfaction but also at the body's enjoyment. This however doesn't only mean hard, loud club music, but encompasses other forms of movement. Stavros Gasparatos's “Seven” is a perfect example: a reworking of a soundtrack to a dance show performed in Athens in 2011, this album is as much the foundation to a choreography than a deep musical work full of subtlety and details.

Stavros Gasparatos's output, prolific and multi-dimensional, is something mostly enjoyed in a live environment. May it be his music for theatre plays, presented in all prestigious venues of his native Greece (as well as at various international festivals) or his multimedia installations, it is a highly evocative work which is often directly linked to dancers, actors and visuals in general. For its CD release, “Seven” was re-written and re-recorded to combine both the expression of the original performance and the boundaries of home listening. May it be the picked strings, the distant beats, the evocative horns: images spring to life and one has no difficulty imagining the movements and elegance of the dancers.

Written for and performed with an ensemble of five other musicians around Stavros Gasparatos's instrumentation, “Seven” is a gentle, harmonic and subtly evolving story revolving around the concepts of the seven cardinal sins. Rather than taking the easy route of presenting seven dark and cliché-ridden pieces, it is a cohesive and mature journey threading around depths and joys, brushes of shadows and strokes of light.

We recommend the listener to close his eyes, turn up the volume and let “Seven” slowly builds its own stage to cast its figures and shadows. Reflecting their precise but lush music, the resulting images are resolutely modern, thoughtful and masterfully crafted.
Stavros Gasparatos

Catalog number:
CD / digital
Release date:
September 30th, 2013

Tracklisting: 1. Intro
2. Buzz
3. Pride
4. Limbo
5. Lust
6. Falling - greed
7. Sloth
8. Hell - gluttony
9. Cocktail party - envy
10. Seven deadly sins
11. The end

Mastered by Angelos Liaros at 4Be.
Artwork by Antidot Design Studio.

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mp3: Buzz


The End

Pride (excerpt)

Hell - Gluttony (excerpt)


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