Monolog - 2 Dots Left - adn172
ImageA hidden treasure no more: Monolog propels himself to the forefront of cutting edge drum'n'bass and electronica with this amazingly intense album. A lesson in music production and an impressive display of controlled madness, “2 Dots Left” is a tour de force made of deep basses, very percussive beats and high tempos. Monolog manages to makes his what most people could only experiment with and comes up with something which, while overwhelming at first, proves to be extremely absorbing and rewarding. Get this on CD / as digital files.
"Monolog will surprise you, disorientate you, then ravish you. Hold on to your seats, as “2 Dots Left” is one of the densest and most intense album that Ad Noiseam has released in a while.

With three previous albums already and a history as a guitar player for extreme metal combos, Denmark's Mads Lindgren is no newcomer. It is however only since his relocation to Berlin a few years ago that the spotlight has been slowly moving in his direction (and rightfully so). With his broad influences, his extensive music knowledge (it's no surprise that his résumé includes working for Native Instruments and Ableton) and his painstaking love for details, Monolog has impressed many audiences in the German capital over the years and gathered the praises of his peers, as demonstrated here by the collaborative tracks with Dean Rodell (Underhill, Machine Code), Ivan Shopov (Cooh, Balkansky) and Simon Hayes (Swarm Intelligence).

The devil is in the details, but not only: everything in Monolog's “2 Dots Left” screams of controlled madness: the uncommon structures, the changing tempos, the granular drums, the field recordings turned into beats. May it be its downtempo moments or its most ferocious club anthems, everything in this album sounds uncommon but is far from being an experimentation: the composition is carefully planned, the bars are crafted with attention, the arrangements are set up with meticulous efforts. The result is the sonic equivalent of a giant robot grabbing the listener and shaking it in the air, with both force and diligence. Everything moves according to plan, and everything moves all the time. Overwhelming at first, Monolog's wide sonic palette slowly reveals itself as the most coordinated madness possible.

It is a very rare thing to hear a project come out of the dark with such a mature and musically impressive album. From the club to the headphones, “2 Dots Left” is a complete immersion in towering sounds as well as a class in music production. Breathe in, dive in and let it all flow through you.
2 Dots Left

Catalog number:
CD / digital
Release date:
October 21st, 2013

Tracklisting: 1. Mutestates
2. Viable
3. The Siva
4. One Damn Given
5. Aisbear (featuring Tone)
6. Jabs and Blocks
7. Reburn
8. Estrangement (featuring Dean Rodell)
9. Method To Madness (featuring Swarm Intelligence)
10. Harvest In The Field (featuring Cooh)
11. Gas Stations Make Me Smoke
12. Flak Anthem
13. Thecho

Mastered by Angelos Liaros at 4Be.
Artwork by Rory St John.

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mp3: Viable

One Damn Given

Estrangement (featuring Dean Rodell)

Gas Stations Make Me Smoke

Aisbear (featuring Tone, excerpt)

Harvest In The Field (featuring Cooh, excerpt)

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