Detritus - The Very Idea - adn177
ImageA refinement, a sharpening and a surpassing: Detritus takes his art in yet another direction with "The Very Idea". The sixth studio album by this musician is the one in which he strips down his music to its cores and present it in both its rawest and most touching aspects. Heavy and crisp, but also gentle and humane, Detritus's new work is something which expands the scope of his talent and confirms yet again Detritus's position as an always-innovating, influential artist who constantly takes his tools forward. (Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files)
Even though all of Detritus's releases carry his recognizable touch and atmosphere, this musician never delivers the same album twice: after his most electronic and club-oriented "Endogenous" came his calmest "Origin", itself followed by the hard and gritty "Fractured". This time around, "The Very Idea" is Detritus at his most emotional, laid-back and touching.

Pinpointing this "very idea" might be difficult, the essence of this album being found in the cracks between its building elements. It is somewhere at the conjunction of the long, once again deeply touching piano melodies and of the thicker, more imposing beats that the new face of Detritus emerges. This musician seems to have condensed here the more frontal and electronic part of his art, allowing its soulfulness to unfold its true potential. A track such as "Egress" is a perfect example of this evolution, including all the electronica, industrial and drum'n'bass elements of Detritus's past but also stepping beyond them towards a genuinely humane whole. It would be too easy to write that "The Very Idea" is the sum of Detritus's raw, "Fractured"-era beats and guitars and his "Things Gone Wrong" harmonies or that it streamlines and refines the production skills demonstrated in "Everyday Explanations" (something taken even further with the closing remix by Poordream). It is a new progression from the musician that created these albums, but who here chooses yet another way.

Ad Noiseam is proud to release this new, important work by the label's longest-runnning musician. Detritus is an act who has been often copied and has had a much overlooked influence on many others. "The Very Idea" is here to prove that more than a decade after his debut, he still progresses, inspires and sharpens his ideas.
The Very Idea

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Release date:
April 14th, 2014

Mastered by Angelos Liaros.

Tracklisting: 1. Bind
2. The Very Idea
3. Steep
4. Egress
5. Blinding
6. Radial
7. After
8. More Than Half
9. Bane
10. Secession
11. After (Remix by Poordream)

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mp3: Bind



The Very Idea (excerpt)

After (remix by Poordream, excerpt)

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Below is a preview of the limited edition, 250g photographic paper poster print edition of this album.

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