Cordell Klier "Apparitions" - adn18
ImageIs this the ghost of a beat you just heard? Are these voices you perceive between the precise glitches of the "Apparitions". Microscopic noises and dynamic clicks guide you through a tunnel of razor sharp walls. For "Apparitions" takes place indeed in a glasshouse of small glitches, clicks. All very carefully edited, and rendered in a very evocative art piece. Above the low floating frequencies constantly pop the remains of rhythms, "Apparitions" of a beautiful and abstract music. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Cordell Klier is one of his kind. It is not enough that he is managing his own label, Doctsect, successfully spreading the word about many experimental artists, and everything without a website or any advertisement. It is also not enough that he has proven to be a talented noise musician with his Vedisni and Kreptkrept projects. He had to come out with his first album under his own name. After many years of constantly being the promising newcomer, the sensation on the obscure compilations and demos, Cordell Klier comes finally under the spotlight for what he stands for: sombre and extremely precise glitches arranged with the care of a brain surgeon.

Many times started again, many times improved, "Apparitions" is the most accurate example of Klier's talent and skill. Glitchy, hanging, colourful but sharp and dynamic, the 13 tracks of this CD album take his music to yet a new level. Building of a calm atmosphere, "Apparitions" never ceases to unsettle the listener. Your attention never escapes, and you reach the end of "Apparitions" without having been lost or having been bored once, quite a prowess when it comes to clicks'n'cuts..

Artwork by Cordell Klier.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Cordell Klier
Release date:
Sep 12th, 2002

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Tracklisting: 13 untitled tracks

Information:Cordell Klier:

mp3: Apparitons 4

Apparitions 10

Apparitions 2 (excerpt)

Apparitions 8 (excerpt)

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