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ImageTapage presents with "Eight“ the second part of his conceptual series in which he submits his art to a set of rules related to time and tempo. A lot more than an clinical exercise, this album is also the one in which Tapage unfolds his musical expertise to include acoustic strings, field recordings and prominent vocals. Mesmerizing, subtle, multi-layered and warm, „Eight“ is an essential work by and for an artist who demonstrates here again his ability to evolve and the scope of his talent. (Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files)
It will have taken three years for Tapage to come up with “Eight”, his sixth album and the accurately-titled second part of a series started with 2011's “Seven”. A conceptual work following a set of fixed rules, this album also presents a major musical evolution with the inclusion of acoustic elements to Tapage's electronic landscape.

Eight minutes, each lasting exactly eight minute and playing at 80 BPM: Tijs Ham explore time and its divisions once again in his first album for Ad Noiseam and refines the ideas and changes he had introduced with its predecessor. Far from being a purely mathematical experiment or a wobbly attempt at adapting his music to pre-set limitations, “Eight” is a carefully planned and executed work which shows that one can combine a theory and a sharp artistic depth.

Having swapped most of his minimalistic, glitchy beats and IDM rhythms for field recordings, surface noises and breakbeats, Tapage infuses “Eight” with a sense of frailty which finds an answer in the delicate but steadfast voice of Pinar Temiz (appearing on half of the tracks) as well as the head- nod inducing syncopated beats which form a core of this work. All throughout the albums, tape loops answer sharp melodies, hisses provide a background for acoustic strings, and trip-hop beats envelop mesmerizing vocals.

Humane, catchy and multi-faceted, “Eight” is an important step forward for Tijs Ham, who uses the musical expertise gleaned with his first albums to create an album which goes further than its concept to carry a profoundly touching, balanced atmosphere. It takes less than eight minutes to dive in its beauty, but it will take more than eight listens to go through the subtle details that went into this rich and important album.

Catalog number:
CD / poster with download code / digital
Release date:
June 16th, 2014

Artwork by Tapage
Mastering by Conrad Hoyer

Tracklisting: 1. One Of Eight
2. Two Of Eight
3. Three Of Eight
4. Four Of Eight
5. Five Of Eight
6. Six Of Eight
7. Seven Of Eight
8. Eight Of Eight

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mp3: One Of Eight

Three Of Eight

Four Of Eight


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