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Image"Radio 1940" is Wilt's fourth album, and his most ambitious work to date. If the first three were experiments with a certain array of sounds and certain instruments, "Radio 1940" focuses on an atmosphere and a mood, all the possible sounds and means being use to recreate a precise concept. The nineteen tracks of this double CD were created as individual piece, under the influence of literature, architecture, design and history of the 1940's. Neither a political statement nor a cultural manifesto, this album is a dusty photo album of this period, transferred into sounds by one of today's masters of sonic experimentation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Wilt is James Keeler, an American musician who walked out of his early metal influence to explore sound collage and musique concrete, experimenting with strange devices and conceptual sounds in his previous releases (the third album, 2001's "Amidst a spacious fabric", being the first CD release of Ad Noiseam). "Radio 1940" is a new step for him, and one which sees him leaving every genre or style behind him, mixing his ambient works with his noisy ones, and integrating some electroaccoustic and musique concrete elements.

Purely instrumental and not using any samples, "Radio 1940" is an album that combines electronic tweaking with a lot of acoustic experimentations, James Keeler's demonstrating his talent at using various instruments in totally new ways. The obvious experience gained through his numerous previous releases allows Wilt to evolve greatly and show a diverse and ever changing side that is prominent for the first time through these two CDs.
"Amidst a spacious fabric" had been described by several magazines on both sides of the Atlantic of the finest ambient releases of 2001, and "Radio 1940" is now here to go further, escaping all genres and limits.

Packaged in a double digipack designed by Ben Didier.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Radio 1940
Release date:
Jun 24th, 2002

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Tracklisting: CD 1:
1. Radio tower
2. Noise musique: metal assemblage
3. Social occult machine
4. Depression modern
5. Propaganda
6. Silence between wars
7. Untitled post war piece
8. Pale skin memoirs
9. Grey Transmission

CD 2:
1. Sandman
2. Painting sound into futurism
3. Noise musique: metal assemblage #2
4. To the fallen (black & white)
5. Charcoal and soot
6. The shadow out of time
7. Hour of the wolf
8. Under the roofs of Paris
9. Dawn of technology (end time)
10. Radio failure

Information:Wilt: http://wilt.adnoiseam.net

mp3: Depression Mordern

Painting sound into futurism

Radio Tower (excerpt)

To The Fallen (excerpt)

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