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adn20tRecorded over two years in Sweden and Germany, “Definition of raw moments from a different perspective” is an album that indeed presents a different standpoint to industrial and electronic music, conjugating them in its own soulful fashion. What Mago defines here is a new shade of poetry made into warm and poignant music. (Get this on CD / as digital files).
Ever since they started writing music, the Swedish artists Jan Carleklev and Håkan Paulsson have torn almost every instrument and genre into their own particular approach. Recognizable for their discreet way of touching the listener with thoughtful melodies, their taste and talent for strong and yet moving tracks takes here a whole new form.

Emerging from what was supposed to become a soundtrack to dance performances, this first album by Mago gives up the noises and strings of Sanctum and Azure Skies, somewhat tapping its inspiration from a more electronic direction, and allowing these musicians’ skills to bloom here in a completely new way. Mago’s music keeps only the raw emotions of these other project’s darkness, and stirs toward a smoother approach of the listener. The 9 tracks of this album move and seduce, presenting a very up to date feeling for deep and varied electronics and drawing their intensity from the seduction of their melodies and culminate as vocals.
Definitions of raw moments from a different perspective
Release date:
Oct 4th, 2002
Re-release date:
October 16th, 2015

Artwork by Stephanie Euler and Håkan Paulsson.
Mastered by Phil Easter for Black Box Mastering.

In the store:Buy this on CD
Buy this as mp3 Tracklisting: 1. Tumbling down the rabbit hole
2. Like sand slips through my fingers
3. Your mind blew accross the grass in ripples
4. Enlaced in ropes
5. Spaceships and piles of mud
6. Thought there was more to come
7. Sing me to sleep
8. Inbetweenworld
9. Infinite

mp3: Spaceships And Piles Of Mud

Like Sand Slips Through My Finger (excerpt)

Inbetweenworld (excerpt)
2015 re-press cover:

Original 2002 cover:

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