Cdatakill "Paradise" - adn21
ImageFor his first release on CD, Zak Roberts (Cdatakill) signs with "Paradise" both a massive work of art and the definitive meeting point between innovative breakbeats, harsh industrial sounds and soulful compositions. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
"Paradise" is much more than a regular album. Cdatakill offers here a new full length album (the first and rhythmic CD, "Paradise") as well as a re-release of the sold out "Brazilian Nightmare" album (on the second, atmospheric CD). The whole thing is enriched with remixes by Somatic Responses, Tarmvred, Detritus, Jason Snell (DJ Bombardier), Matt Demmon and Stick, taking Cdatakill's music in yet different directions.

After having released music on such prestigious labels as Digital Hardcore, CFET, Zhark, Eupholus or Suburban Trash, Cdatakill writes here his most ambitious and complete release, in which the hard rhythms ("Nina Milla Meta") collide with complex broken patterns ("Fucking murders") only to be topped by cold melodies and strings ("Resting in Paradise"). Multdimensional to the extreme, efficient and far more than anybody could expect, the "Paradise" double CD then takes the listener to the massive darkness of "Brazilian nightmare", a critically aclaimed album of melancholy and noises, often described as one of the best releases of the genre. From Paradise to Nightmare, from beats to atmospheres. Cdatakill and his remixers take you to a rich journey that will never release your ears till the very end of the second CD.

Release date:
Jan 23rd, 2003

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Tracklisting: CD 1 (Paradise):
1. Vodka spitter
2. Powerlines song
3. Resting in paradise
4. Fucking murders
5. Cabrini green (remix by Somatic Responses)
6. Nina milla meta
7. Perpetual casualty
8. Chameleon skin
9. Vodka spitter (remix by Tarmvred)
10. Driving down havana
11. Nina milla meta (remix by Detritus)
12. Division
13. Take us out of the dark
14. Moment in the sun

CD 2:
Brazilian Nightmare:
1. So alien
2. Formless, shapeless
3. Aquestion of purpose
4. Interference
5. Eating
6. Asleep
7. Fallout
8. Los Angeles
9. Discussion
1 0. Il diavolo
11. Coma
12. At the end
13. Forget it (Juno)

Additional remixes:
14. Nina milla meta (remix by Matt Demmon)
15. Nothing can damn my soul (remix by Jason Snell)
16. Powerline spitter (remix by Stick)


mp3: Nina Milla Meta

Forget It (juno)

Fucking Murders (excerpt)

Asleep (excerpt)

Cabrini Green (remix by Somatic Responses, excerpt)

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