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ImageFollowing his critically acclaimed "Irony is" album on Mute Records, the musician behind 2nd Gen presents here his new project, Uniform, with the first album of this mysterious act. "Not a word": a disc that does contain words, but will you find them? Who knows what they are saying, and why? (Get this on CD).
"The whole process was a seemingly stereotypical artistic one in that it truly felt as though I had nothing to do with the tracks and that some other force was involved,” says Uniform about "Not a word". Made of echoed beats, of short outbursts of noise, of ghostly voices and extremely detailed background, this album delivers through his 16 tracks a complex assemblage of feeling and atmospheres, a deep vault of carefully arranged effects and powerful sounds.

Listening to "Not a word" is a process that reminds of walking in a glass house. The structure and foundation are strong and massive, but precise sounds come from everywhere, in a game of reverberation in which the listener is forced to take an active role. How can you be sure that you will have caught the whole of it at the end of your visit? The whole is more than the sum of its component, but are you aware of all of them?

"There are secrets embedded deep within the tracks", underlines Uniform. It is a rare thing that a musician daring to experiment as much comes up with something both as challenging and pleasant, both interesting and enjoyable. Now it is up to you to hear how deep these tracks will take you. Life vest not included.

Not A Word
Release date:
May 5th, 2003

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Tracklisting: 1. Dying at a yes or no
2. Tick bastard tock
3. Say it as you see it
4. Jeckyll and hyde situations
5. On the right side of wrong
6. MyCn18
7. No measurements are necessary
8. You pick mirrors
9. Average everything
10. The trees will kneel
11. Falling off the morning
12. Wasted unstraight
13. Not a word
14. You idiot, that¹s a girl¹s bike
15. Rock n roll deaths are an emulation
16. Torn hands
Artwork by >Franko B, photographed by Manuel Vason
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Uniform: www.youkneeform.com

mp3: Wasted Unstraight

You Idiot, That's A Girl's Bike

Say It As You See It (excerpt)
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