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ImageFirst discovered through the “Low End Recon” compilation in which they shared the bill with Mick Harris (Scorn / Quoit) and Not Breathing, the American duo Larvae has been active for years in various media fields, performing with video, photographic and audio installation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Subtle music composers and visual artists, Matthew Jeanes and Bryan Meng took their time to polish their art, which finally reached the ears of Ad Noiseam. Following a first 7” and a split with Miles Tilmann on their own Sub:Marine Records, Larvae is now working on a first full length CD album, to be released on Ad Noiseam in the autumn 2003.

But before this comes “Monster Music”, an EP recorded in 2002 whose four tracks present accurately the various sides of Larvae’s music. Starting with the energetic drum’n’bass anthem “Mothra” and “Gidrah” before slowing down the pace with the two latest pieces (remember the term “illbient”?), heavy and rich in basses.

Using samples from old Japanese monster movies, Larvae pay also here a tribute to Godzilla and his giant friends, and takes a distance from the gloomy image attributed to noisy (some will say “industrial”) drum’n’bass. Massive and not afraid to integrate elements from noise or hip-hop, Larvae is one of a kind, anthemic and yet detailed and heavy. Bursting out of its cocoon, this monster is not to be missed.

Monster Music
CD ep
Release date:
July 8th, 2003

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Tracklisting: 1. Mothra
2. Ghidrah
3. Mecha
4. Mothra (remix by Mothboy and The Dustmite)

Artwork by Larvae.
Mastered by James Salter.

Information:Larvae -

mp3: Mecha

Mothra (excerpt)

Mothra remix (excerpt)

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