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ImageFollowing their recent “Monster Music” EP (adn28) , Larvae present here their first full length album, “Fashion Victim”. The most ambitious work of these American artists to date, this album is also the culminating point of a painstaking improvement, research and mixing of influences. Powerful, intelligently written and uncommonly diverse, “Fashion Victim” is an album which goes back to the essence of a real music album, for its tracks are coherent, linked into a whole, and yet possess quality which could make each stand on its own. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
“Fashion Victim is about my frustration with fashion, image, and superficiality taking precedent over substance” says Matthew Jeanes of Larvae. And indeed, this album is one of rich content. While drawing its influence from drum'n'bass, illbient, electronica and noise, this album lets the genre classification to pigeon-holing reviews, and relies on its powerful function to overcome the form. Adds Jeanes: “the music is at times angry, at times it sounds defeated and sad, and it's always a bit of a protest.”

And yet this is not a CD who will delight lovers of fine music only, for Larvae aim at producing a music that can be enjoyed. From the drum of “I owe you” and “Crazyeye” to the bass of the title track and “Tonystark”, this album is something that will bring feet and heads in motion.

Ad Noiseam is very proud to be able to present “Fashion Victim”, an album of uncommon impact and talent, which is assured to charm by both the force of its music and the wit of its composition. A work that goes beyond classification and has to be recognised as such.

Fashion Victim
Release date:
October 2003

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Tracklisting: 1. Refuse
2. Kelvin (Genetic mix)
3. Fashion Victim
4. I Owe you
5. Redline version
6. The Voice Collapse
7. Philistine
8. Unbranded
9. Tonystark
10. Crazyeye

Written and Produced by M.Jeanes, except Track 2, by M.Jeanes and Genetic.
Larvae is M.Jeanes, C.Burnett, B.Meng.

Mastered by James Salter

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mp3: Fashion Victim

Redline Version

Philistine (excerpt)

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