Magwheels & Stone Glass Steel "Pane" - adn30
ImageFor its second album on Ad Noiseam, Portland, OR based prodigy David Sullivan (Magwheels) teams up with industrial icon Phil Easter (Stone Glass Steel) and presents a musical dialogue for guitars, noise pedals and samplers. (Get this on CD)
A year has past since the release of Magwheels's "Evebuildingbomb" album (adn17), which received the praise of both fans of subtle and moving sound and of musicians. Sullivan's new work, 7 track gathered under the title "The only window is so high up", shows his skill at mixing post rock guitars and dense, dusty noise take yet even a step further. Drawing the best elements from his past rock and electronic projects, Sullivan brings together here again a delicate, yet lush work made to summon emotion and beauty.

But “Pane” is not over yet. Closing the CD are 40 minutes of reconstruction of the whole Magwheels discography by Stone Glass Steel. This pieces, "The last rays of sunlight paint fire on the window" is the first Stone Glass Steel material to be released on CD since the 1993 cult album "Industrial Icon". Impressed by "Evebuildingbomb", Phil Easter (also known for his mastering work) dived into every piece of music recorded by Magwheels in order to conjugate Sullivan's work with his own ideas. Easter describes the result as the soundtrack to the sunset coming over the beach at Cardiff. A subdued, minimal first track conveys the sunset, while a noisier one represents the coming of night.

The meeting point between Magwheels's fresh blood and compositions and Stone Glass Steel's experience and talent, "Pane" intends to show that industrial music is not to be confined to a specific audience of specialists, but is to appeal to anybody in search of an moving and refreshing sound.

Magwheels and Stone Glass Steel
Release date:
October 2003

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Tracklisting: Magwheels: "The Only Window Is So High Up"
1. Sundeenovember
2. Cloakpocket
3. Monolithic songbird
4. The only window is so high up
5. Lastboring
6. Ssmokes
7. Phantovm

Stone Glass Steel: "The last rays of sunlight paint fire on the window"
8. The Last Rays of Sunlight (invocation west | golden streaming | reflect refract | cascading array | godseye (over sea) | crimson eggdrop | the glass ablaze)
9. Paint Fire On The Window (amber opaque | shadowcreep | electrify the grid | night bloom | an empty swirl of ink | simplicity of dream)

Master by Phil Easter for Black Box Industry, San Diego.
Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux. Photography by Andrea Hall and Brian Grinham.

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mp3: Magwheels: Phantovm

Magwheels: Ssmokes (excerpt)

Stone Glass Steel: The Last Rays Of Sunlight (excerpt)

Stone Glass Steel: Paint Fire On The Window (excerpt)

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