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ImagePrecision, dedication, innovation. Such are the mottos by which Cordell Klier has worked all throughout his career. On once side with his own music, either under his own name or as Kreptkrept, OF or Monstrare, on the other side as the label manager of Doctsect, Cordell Klier is a driving force of the American electronic underground, putting his energy in both a music that definitely stands out and supporting many small acts. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Ad Noiseam is therefore proud to release Klier’s second album under his own name, “Winter”, which echoes and answers his 2002 predecessor, “Apparitions” (adn18). More than a swan song and definitely not an album of compromise, this ten track CD sees this musician mixing his various influences to offer something at the confluence of the European click’n’cut sound and the old ambient tradition.

“Winter” brings back the cold atmospheres indeed. In addition to the razor-sharp glitches of “Apparitions” are here used more drones and subdued basses. The vanishing precise beats settle with encompassing soundscapes. And the whole thing, as usual with Klier, is built up on original sounds and a massive sense for personal, introspective art.

Marking the result of a long evolution and the work of a insatiable musician, “Winter” is to stay a corner stone in Klier’s discography. Coming after two praised releases (“Apparitions” and Kreptkrept’s “Irregular dark beat”) and an appearance on “Klangmaschine” (the Mille Plateaux / Ritornell homage to click’n’cut innovators), this new album is one that definitely marks the coming of Cordell Klier as a mature artist, and not anymore a newcomer.

In the words of Klier a break through album, “Winter” is a work which has to be listened to with open ears and mind, and which has a lot to offer. Sharp, precise, introspect, this album is set to envelop the listener in a cold, and still somewhat human atmosphere. Let the winter in, as its wind carries many a rewarding moment.

Cordell Klier
Release date:
October 2003

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Tracklisting: 10 untitled tracks

Music and artwork by Cordell Klier
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

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mp3: Winter 4

Winter 3 (excerpt)

Winter 9 (excerpt)

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    It is an interesting release because the songs are generative.