Andrey Kiritchenko "Interplays, In Between" - adn40
ImageFollowing the release in 2003 of his first full length work (“Kniga Skazok”, also on Ad Noiseam), Andrey Kiritchenko presents here is second album, which crowns the progress and incessant activity of this Kharkov, Ukraine based musician. Having collaborated with such acts as Scanner, Kim Cascone, or Kotra and played basically each and every music festival in eastern Europe (as well as the Transmediale, Garage and Information Wants To Be Free festivals in Germany), this artist has become the spearheading figure of the Ukrainian electronic music scene, and one of the best regarded composer from the former eastern block. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Mothboy "The Fears" - adn39
ImageMothboy is London-based Simon Smerdon. Starting as a bass player for hardcore and metal bands in his native Devon, he turned to electronic music after his move to London in 1996, forming Ocosi shortly thereafter. He then recorded two Cds with this band (one with Mick Harris of Scorn fame and one with Ad Noiseam band mate Horchata) before quitting the band in 1999. Mothboy was then born as Smerdon’s main project. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Curtis Chip "Eating Paste" - adn38
ImagePeople wanted it, people asked for it, here it is. Curtis Chip's long awaited and much talked about first full length CD, in the form of a re-release of his highly acclaimed "Eating Paste" 12" (on Zod Records), enriched with new material, seven remixes and a track from his first 12" ("Binoculars"). (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Panacea & Knifehandchop "Street Chic" - adn37
ImageReturning to Ad Noiseam after his first collaboration CD on this label ("Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred"), Panacea brings Knifehandchop with him, for a 12" which is assured to shake the dancefloor. Stop taking yourself so seriously, smile, enjoy and dance.
Horchata "Basidia" - adn36
ImageActive since the late 1990's, Michael Palace's Horchata project has become known for the quality of his output as well as for his highly appraised collaborations. Starting with the essential "Integral" album (the direct predecessor of "Basidia", Horchata's second solo CD), in which Horchata set an example for the whole illbient / dark hop scene, Michael Palace later collaborated with Twine (of Bip-Hop and Ghostly International fame), Ocosi, Miles Tilmann, Narc and Zenopede on releases which demonstrated Horchata's ability at working with varied sound sources and genres. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Wilt "As giants watch over us" - adn35
ImageTwo years after the colossal "Radio 1940", in which James Keeler had transcribed his conceptions of the 40's into music, Wilt is back with a new album (his third on Ad Noiseam), looking this time definitely further ahead. Progressing from his mostly atmospheric works, Wilt now integrates new elements into his encompassing sound, implementing cut-ups, modern electronics and a multitude of different styles. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Lapsed "Twilight" - adn34
ImageStriving (and succeeding) and mix both beautiful soundscapes and challenging your ears, Lapsed writes poetic tracks but never falls into kitsch, moves forward and yet is far more than joyless experimentation. Fresh and soulful, two words that well describe this "Twilight". (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Crno Klank "Etat Des Lieux" - adn33
ImageBeing at the core of many projects (Ammo, Ambre, Axiome, Dead Hollywood Stars, Moonsanto...) and collaborations (with Mick Harris, Mark Spybey, Xingu Hill...), Holland-based C-drík comes back with “Etats des lieux” to his very first project, Crno Klank with a first CD album which presents across 11 tracks the vast array of material which has been written under this name. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Tarmvred "Viva 6581" - adn32
ImageThe coolest teenage robot on this side of the microchip finally comes back with a new single. Here is his 44KHz homage to the MOS6581, the soundchip at the core of the Commodore 64 and the dearly loved Sidstation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Cordell Klier "Winter" - adn31
ImagePrecision, dedication, innovation. Such are the mottos by which Cordell Klier has worked all throughout his career. On once side with his own music, either under his own name or as Kreptkrept, OF or Monstrare, on the other side as the label manager of Doctsect, Cordell Klier is a driving force of the American electronic underground, putting his energy in both a music that definitely stands out and supporting many small acts. (Get this on CD / as mp3)

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