Tarmvred "Viva 6581" - adn32
ImageThe coolest teenage robot on this side of the microchip finally comes back with a new single. Here is his 44KHz homage to the MOS6581, the soundchip at the core of the Commodore 64 and the dearly loved Sidstation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Tarmvred left you begging for more engine oil with “Subfusc” (adn4), he had you grooving to “Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred” (adn11), he nailed you ears during his various tours, and recently did America (adn25). Now he feels like putting on silicon the tunes he had been throwing at audience for two years. Here come the ultra distorted italo disco, the distorted computer game music, the dislocated melodies that makes you wish you were a robot too. Happy tunes for noise heads? Hard breaks for electro fans? Whatever.

6, 5, 8 and 1. No need for a lot of words to get what Tarmvred is expressing here. Pure dancefloor appeal, high frequencies breaks, and those sweet, sweet tunes that seem sung by R2D2. Wait, is it “kill all humans” that he is saying?

Tarmvred is back. And who knows what he will do next. Now that his previous CDs have become classic, he is more than admitting his addiction to 8 bit sounds. The time is here to bring some bodies on the dancefloor again. With a smile, and a mechanical one.

Tarmvred on "Viva 6581" are Jonas Johansson and Johannes Hedberg.

Viva 6581
CD ep
Release date:
October 2003

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Tracklisting: 1. 6
2. 5
3. 8
4. 1

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Tarmvred: www.tarmvred.net


5 (excerpt)

1 (excerpt)

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